The Small Candle Business you need to try!

If you’re a candle junkie like me then you know how expensive it is when you have to keep repurchasing Yankee Candles. But… I have recently been trying this new business called Moonlight Melts (looove the brands name) so I discovered I can buy some of their melts and candles at fraction of the price but with strong results and scents.

Looking at their website they have a huuuuge selection of melts that I really want to try out and they have a few good deals which allows you to try out a few scents at a cheaper price.

Moonlight Melts gifted me decorative paper candle holders to try! Now looking at these you probably think that they will set on fire (which believe me I tested thoroughly). But they don’t at all!

These are super cute at night time because they shine a decoration on the wall from the light of the flame and add the to atmosphere of the room.

I also got sent some melts to try out which I was sooo hyped about!! I actually prefer melts as they’re good value for money, fill the air with scent more and last a super long time.

Fresh Linen: this one smells of fresh washing drying out on a washing line.. it’s so homely and comforting. I personally would use this in conjunction with having a tidy up of your room, changing bedding, hoovering etc just to make the most of the fresh scent.

Springtime: this one is another fresh scent! It reminds me of playing outside in the Summer at my Nanna’s house, it smells like her house which is super lovely. Another fresh, clean scent.

Sweet as Candy: my fave of the bunch! I’m obsessed with sweet scents and I legit wanted to just eat this scent up. It smells of bubblegum and candy floss but in a fresh, inviting and non sickly way.

Bluebell Woods: another fresh scent that reminds me of a forest! I would put this in the same category as the other 2 fresh scents as they’re quite floral but remind me of clean washing and grass.

Clementine & Prosecco : I wasn’t expecting to like this scent because it says Prosecco but it does smell a lot more like oranges in the best way possible and it’s a mixture of fresh fruity and sweet and I really enjoyed burning this melt!

– these items were gifted to me as a form of PR but all opinions are my own.

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