Huge Empties – Brutally Honest Thoughts!

I’ve been saving up all of my empties in this big box for like 2 months (it was very satisfying recycling the packaging after taking these pictures)

So here’s my honest thoughts, straight to the point, would I repurchase?

L’Oréal pure clay glow scrub

I wanted to try this for a while, so upon giving it a go I discovered quickly that I didn’t like it. It was drying, foamed up well but not in a nice way, it felt like it stripped my whole layer of top skin off. My face felt really tight and dry,

I definitely wouldn’t buy again.

Generation Clay face mask

I got this from a Birchbox I’m pretty sure, it was a decent face mask and left me feeling hydrated and cleansed, I don’t think I’d repurchase it though.

Simple Rich Moisturiser

I’ve learnt that I really like Simple Moisturisers, however this one was too rich so I’ve opted for the lighter version now. I would definitely buy this again.

Lush Sleepy Lotion

This stuff smells amazing, I heard fab things about this lotion and that it helps you calm down before bedtime and I have to say it really does have a soothing smell and it moisturisers really well. I might buy it in the future but it’s rather pricey so it’s not something I’m rushing out to buy.

Anatomicals Shower Gel

I thinkkkk I either got this from a Glossybox or a Birchbox?

It was just a standard shower gel, reminded me of one from a Christmas gift set, didn’t foam up very well. I wouldn’t buy or recommend.

Mario Badescu drying lotion

Im already on my second bottle of this, it’s fab for drying out acne and preventing future breakouts. It does a really good job & yep I would defo recommend if you have mild acne :). I will repurchase.

ABH brow pomade in Taupe.

This stuff is not worth the money… it dries out so quickly and it’s too thick of a texture. The cool toned shade is fab but it really isn’t worth the price, I even tried the trick of adding oil etc to make it back to normal but it made it worse.

Prince of Darkness Lush Face Mask

This expensive ass mask was just a huge pain in the butt. Firstly you have to keep it in the fridge, secondly it goes EVERYWHERE and I wouldn’t be so bothered but it’s a super dark muddy looking colour. It was a pain to rinse off my face because the bits were so tiny and got stuck in my eyebrows. It was just a huge pain. I regret buying. I did use it though to get my money’s worth.

One response to “Huge Empties – Brutally Honest Thoughts!

  1. I agree with ABH pomade. I used to be obsessed with it because I went from using eyeshadow from a random palette to actually investing in a brow product and was amazed by the staying power. I didn’t even finish the container before the product started to dry out. I bought a second one but I’ve only used maybe a little less than half until I stopped and switched back to powder. I’ve tried adding eye drop to the pomade but it just sits there for days and the product wasn’t reviving so I just trashed it. If you’re someone who loves to dip and “wipe off the excess” then I can see this being used up but if you’re somebody like me who tries so hard not to waste product and it takes a while to make a dent then you’re going to be disappointed with a dried up product.

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