What I Learnt at 19

I have done one of these posts since I was 16 turning 17. Now I’ve just turned 20!

After reading my ‘NINETEEN’ post from last year I’m left feeling sad for my past self over a year ago, I didn’t have a good support system, bad mental health, didn’t have a counsellor or had medication and lastly was stuck in the most toxic friendship and relationship. On top of this I was in student accommodation and isolated from family, which I didn’t open up too enough.
Something I said in this post really stood out to me, “you only have yourself to rely on”, which makes me so sad because the people around me made me feel so alone and just left me feeling like a walking dark cloud.

The past year has been a world wind, if you’ve seen my 2018 post then you’ll know A LOT has happened, in terms of making new friends (Shout-out to my bestie Camille, she’s the most amazing friend I’ve ever had). Getting help for my mental health and putting myself on a completely different life path. I can’t comprehend how much has changed over a year, sooo without any further ado here’s some life advice.
I have to say it feels really weird not being a teenager anymore. I still feel like I should be 14.

Please stop ignoring red flags to keep people in your life.

If you’re like me, pretty scared of being alone and cutting people off remember these people will make you feel more lonely then just being alone. If someone isn’t being supportive, respectful and gives you bad vibes to be around please distance yourself! I wish I could’ve told myself this last year, it just isn’t worth it. I know it’s difficult but in the long term you will thank yourself.
I’d constantly brush off red flags and give unlimited chances and at the time you give so many excuses but looking back I’m annoyed at what I let people get away with.

Be the Bigger Person

You don’t always have to have confrontation and express your anger in a negative way, sometime it pays off to just ignore someone, not give them the attention the crave and be the bigger person, adding to this, realise you’re not always a saint and that you should own up to mistakes.

Accomplishments at 19
aka things I’m proud of myself for!

– still being here and waking up with motivation everyday
– going to counselling
– loving myself more!
– changing things about my appearance i wasn’t happy with
– re vamping my blog and improving my posts and photography
– being more passionate about life in general
– getting more productive and taking care of myself and my environment
– being able to spot a toxic person before they enter my life

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