Decor Ideas to Cosy up Your Bedroom!

If you’re obsessed with your room looking nice like me and you’re not sure how to improve it then this post is for you, especially if you can’t afford to go out and purchase new cabinets and don’t have the time to fully redecorate.

Floating shelf

If you’re able to put nails into your walls then floating shelves can be super practical and aesthetically pleasing, you can choose to display anything from perfume to books or makeup.
You can find floating shelves from places like Amazon, I got mine from Urban Outfitters sale for £12 which is an amazing bargain. I think they just look really interesting and the possibilities are endless and there’s tons of designs you can choose from.

Board w pictures/memories

I got this copper grid style display board from Primark for £6, although you can make one yourself from a cork board and pins! Again you can use this for practical or aesthetic reasons, you can pin your to-do lists here or pictures/jewellery that ties into your room decor. Mine comes with pegs so I can layer different pictures together, it actually came with the two leafy images already attached which I kept.

Aesthetically Pleasing Bin

This might be a weird one but trust me! Small details such as getting a matching bin will really tie things together, mine is a copper bin which matches my other copper/rose gold items in my room. I just think it’s prettier than having a plain metal or white bin.

(marble) Contact Paper

Can’t afford to buy a new sideboard or desk but wanting to lighten up or repurpose your furniture?? Marble contact paper sells on eBay for about £5 and you can put it just about anywhere, it’s also really fab because it’s a wipe clean material and you can peel it off when you’re done. If you’re blogger like me it’s really great to take pictures on too.

Re-purposing Jars

After you’ve done with a candle scrape out the remaining wax and fill it with loose change or fairy lights to create a pretty night lamp!

Cushions (Amazon/Primark)

Buying a few £3 cushions from Primark that fit with your rooms colour scheme for your bed or chairs will help pull everything together.

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