Product Empties

It’s the best feeling in the world to finally use up something you’ve been dying to use up!! Especially if you’re not particularly fond of the formula, or if it feels like it’s never ending and re-spawning.

Body Shop Moringa scrub

I bought this along with a hand cream and another body scrub as it was 3 for 2 however this tub of 50ml retails for £6. I got about 3 uses out of this, i feel as though it was refreshing and moisturising but it didn’t do a good job of exfoliating unfortunately. I definitely wouldn’t buy again for £6 for such a small amount.

Would I recommend? : Honestly, no.
Would I repurchase?: No.

Lush Tea Tree Water

Now this is a product i really do wish could respawn because it’s so GOOD but so expensive!! If anyone knows how to make a dupe of this let me know, or a cheaper alternative. I can’t count how many bottles of this i have been through. It’s the most refreshing toner ever and i love that it’s in a spray bottle.

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase: yes

Garnier Rose Cleansing Milk

This cleansing milk does a fab job of removing makeup and leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s a fab price and I love the scent of it.

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase: yes

The ordinary rose hip oil

I’m loving facial oils recently! I got through this bottle pretty quickly and it left me feeling hydrated and was a great step in my skincare routine. It smelt kinda weird but did a fab job.

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase: yes

Urban decay all nighter cherry

I think this was a pretty decent setting spray however it was no different then my drugstore options, it also made my hair soaking wet whenever i used it. It was a decent formula and made my powdery makeup look natural. Overall it was pretty good although nothing to write home about.

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase: no

Phillip Kingsley shampoo travel flakey itchy

If you saw my January Birchbox you’ll know I wasn’t really bothered about receiving this butttt I actually surprisingly loved this! It made my hair feel really fresh and like it stripped any build up out. It left me feeling hydrated but really clean.

Would I recommend?: Yes, if it’s within your budget. I reckon Head and Shoulders are similar to this though and for a fraction of the price.
Would I repurchase?: maybe.

Snow Fairy Lush Shower Gel

Despite this tiny bottle of shower gel being a ridiculous price, it’s actually lasted a good few months especially because you need so little of it and it’s really concentrated.
I really enjoy Lush’s shower products for the quality.

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase?: yes

Bad gal bang

I’ve done a whole post on this mascara, I really enjoyed this product and loved how long it lasted me. However I do prefer Rollerlash to this mascara so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this anytime soon.

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase: no

Rimmel eyeliner

This is my all time fave holy grail eyeliner, it’s precise, super black and really easy to use. Only downside is that it’s a waterproof line (that being said, please recommend me a waterproof liquid liner!).

Would I recommend?: yes
Would I repurchase: yes

* this post contains affiliate links

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