Sunday: Freshen Up & Self Care Ideas!

Surprisingly Sunday is one of my favourite days, it feels like the refresher day of the week. Fresh bedding, errands ran, food shop done – it feels good to get stuff done in the daytime and being able to settle down by evening. I live it at home currently so this post is based off that!

Usually on a Sunday I’ll change my bedding, hoover and tidy get all the dishes done, light some candles and open windows to get some fresh air in. Essentially just like to have a clean around, get my to do list done so I can chill out for the night.

My favourite time of the day is having a super pamper bath night, where I basically bathe in all my Lush products from face masks to oils and massage bars. Is there honestly a better feeling then coming out of a bath with freshly washed hair and getting into clean bedding.. it’s heavenly I swear.

I’m a sucker for the movies they put on at nighttime too, especially if it’s something easy like a Disney movie or if I can be bothered I’ll find something new to watch on Netflix.

Helpful Tips for a productive Sunday:

– Get a to do list wrote, and YES put the annoying admin/errands you need to do on there

– Those pesky tasks you’ve been putting off finally get done!

– Get the food shop done and over with, if you have the time maybe do a weekly food timetable for the week ahead.

– Get your work done, whether it’s an essay or research. I promise by evening you’ll be feeling positive and more able to chill out. Remember that the work you do TODAY is how you’re going to succeed in the future so do yourself a favour!

Self Care Tips:

– If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated that’s fine, It’s a Sunday, a time to recharge. If getting a hot drink and watching TV to unwind is all you feel like doing then remember that it’s okay, and allow yourself to be at peace.

– Try meditation for the first time, even if you roll your eyes at the thought of it. Give it a go and see how much more chilled you feel. I recommend the app ‘Calm’ or even a simple YouTube meditation guide.

– Get into your comfiest clothes you own and bundle yourself up in blankets, stick on your fave movie.

– Pinterest have fab cake recipe ideas, why not get the ingredients to make some brownies and just spend time with yourself.

– Call up your family or friends, have a catch up session either on the phone or in real life. This is going to lighten your mood (don’t forget a cup of tea for this!).

‘Freshen’ Up Tips:

– Open up your windows (if it isn’t too chilly) and put the radio on, watch how fast you begin to get stuff done! This is my number one tip on getting myself motivated.

– Go through your kitchen cupboards and find cans, unopened food to donate that you know will never eat. The sooner the better as it saves waste being made.

– Strip all of your bedding and get hoovering and washing.

– Plan a ‘self’ day, where you go out shopping on your own, or simply even a walk. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your own company.

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