February Birchbox ‘19

Another month, another Birchbox! I always get excited to receive this every month as I find it really fun to try out new beauty bits and let you know how I get on with them.

This month Birchbox teamed with ‘Not on the High Street’ to bring this box! However on first look I was confused as to what element they brought, only to find out they only included a few postcards and a discount code which was very anti-climatic.

The whole boxes theme was about ‘letting love grow’ which is why they included postcards which uplifting messages, obviously aimed towards Valentine’s Day this month. I wish they teamed up with a beauty brand to give a red lipstick or something more exciting.

Next up I received Anatomicals shower gel which was a full size product with 100ml included.

I’ve seen this brand around Urban Outfitters and I actually own one of their eyecreams so I was intrigued to find this in the box, I was unsure what it was at first because I’ve never heard a shower gel be called a shower cleanser?

However this product was quite pleasant, I love the fact that it’s very unisex and has a universal scent, it’s a mixture of masculine and feminine. I can’t put my finger on the scent but it’s like a musky floral. To be honest I wouldn’t spend £4 on a shower gel when the ingredients aren’t groundbreaking then any other shower gel.

Honestly, it reminds me of them cheap shower gels you’d get in a Christmas gift set, it’s sub par.

Coco & Eve ‘like a virgin’ Hair Masque

So apparently this hair masque is full size despite only having 38ml in which only just coated my long hair. I can’t imagine anyone getting more than 2 uses out of this. For the price of £9 I would rather just stick to my Aussie hair mask.

Although I must say this hair masque is really nice, I struggle finding good masks. I pretty much squirted all the product in my hand, combed it through my hair then left it in a bottle to soak for about 10 minutes as recommend!

This one smells really strong, like you’ve stepped out of a hair salon. It claims to tame fizz and hydrate which I can vouch for. I like that fact that it’s vegan, cruelty and paraben free too, if that’s something you’re into give it a look. Although there is no sign of ingredients on the bottle which is concerning.

My hair felt really light and airy, more fresh and soft. However I just can not justify the price on spending £9 for a one use hair masque.

In my Birchbox I received a nice travel size of this John Masters Organics body milk which retails for £18 (full size).

I really enjoyed getting out of the shower and slathering this all over! It smells exactly like my de-stress citrus aromatherapy roll on oil. I definitely felt more relaxed and hydrated after putting this on, I liked that it wasn’t sticky and had a gorgeous scent. I easily slipped into pjs after applying this on with no trouble! Would I purchase the full large bottle? Honestly I could see myself doing so! I really enjoy the formula and oils John Masters use in this body milk.

I received the full size of LOC liquid shimmer shadow in shade Moonlight, which retails for £8 which I’d say is a decent price. My first impression was that this is a lot smaller than I expected. The colour is too cool toned for my liking and it doesn’t suit me honestly so I’m going to pass it on to a friend! I wish I had received something more warm toned.

Last but not least I received a Luxie 205 tapered blending brush, worth £11 which is pretty neat. Birchbox claims this can be used for powders and creams which is so handy. I can imagine myself using this for an all over eyeshadow buff, or dusting off my under eye bake. I can’t see myself using this for a precise blend but that’s okay because I’m always happy to receive an eyeshadow blending brush!

The baby blue handle is gorgeous and the brush feels really nice quality.

Overall I’m pretty disappointed with this months box, especially as they hyped up their partnership with not on the high street which was very lack lustre. I would have liked more makeup products, as I said earlier something like a red lipstick would have been great to get this month, even if it was a £5 sleek lipstick. Nonetheless i still look forward to opening my box every month and trying new products out, it’s super fun and the boxes come in handy afterwards.

* not sponsored or gifted, bought with my money and all opinions are my own.

One response to “February Birchbox ‘19

  1. I’ve heard so much about birch box but have never given it a go! Think I’m just scared that I’ll get something I don’t like. Great post, would mean a lot if you checked my recent one out too! X


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