Not my Style Challenge!

I thought it’d be fun to see how I looked with dark hair and makeup different to what I normally do, so without further ado here’s my ‘not my style’ makeover!

I used a wig from Amazon, which looks black instead of brown like I ordered. It doesn’t really suit my skin tone but it looks cool.. I guess?

Usually I go for warm toned, golds and pinks on my eye so this time I thought I’d do purple cool toned shadow, WITHOUT winged liner, which is a huge deal for me. I even went through the effort of putting fake lashes on, which I know look bad.

Lastly I opted for a contour stick instead of bronzer, and lipgloss instead of a matte lip!

I found this challenge really fun and I quite like my hair dark, however I’d do it a lighter brown or auburn so it’d suit my skin tone better.

This was a quick, fun post but I enjoyed doing it! I tag you all to do it.

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