Why The Makeup Industry has become Overwhelming

As a regular customer and consumer of makeup and beauty its been hard to keep up with the latest trends, releases and brands. It feels as though makeup is becoming like ‘fast fashion’. New trends, limited editions and collections coming out left right and centre, most of them not much quality or thought put into them – just being thrown out to make a quick buck. I miss the days where staples would just be released, nowadays there’s constant collections that brands make you feel like you should ‘collect’ and hoard, it’s essentially consumerism and capitalism at it’s peak, and it’s targeting young impressionable women.

It’s no lie that the beauty industry is worth hundreds of billions, expected to reach 863 billion in 2024 according to Globe News Wire. It seems as though brands are taking advantage of this and are manufacturing new collections every other week.
Of course makeup isn’t just used to help self confidence but it’s also used for artistry and creative reasons. However with social media reaching more impressionable teens it feels like these makeup brands are taking advantage of social savvy teens to sell them hugely manufactured makeup. With the likes of Kylie Jenner having a new makeup line and models like Gigi Hadid having her makeup line it feels like these products are a MUST HAVE.

I’ve continually seen on forums and discussions that consumers are feeling overwhelmed with new releases, not everyone has the money to do so and it’s leaving people left out for not having the ‘cool new thing’. This is why ‘dupes’ are so popular, consumers feel like they have to have the newest trend and try to get counterfeit or dupes. It’s rather sad, I know that from my point of view it’s gotten ridiculous seeing brands like Crayola and Kit-Kat jump on the bandwagon, even Coca-Cola, to profit from this multi-billion industry.
The biggest problem with this is that most of this products aren’t environmentally friendly, bad quality and aren’t any different than what’s already in the market.
For example, Kit-Kat releasing a nude palette.. why? The nude palette looks like every other boring nude drugstore palette, just because you slap a Kit-Kat logo on it doesn’t make it special. Ok, rant over.

The point is, i wish brands would focus more on quality and releasing staples, instead of releasing gimmicky products every 5 seconds just to profit, and the thing is these trends die out SO INCREDIBLY QUICKLY!! Whenever I see a unicorn palette or food related gimmicky palette i can’t help but roll my eyes.

Despite this I know there’s some good few brands left that really produce quality makeup and you can tell they genuinely care about what they produce and dont shove it out for profit.
What’s your opinion on the market?

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