Colourpop Haul & First Impressions

Soooo recently Colourpop has changed their tax situation so you don’t get customs (to the UK).

Pretty much what I did was pay $50 to get free shipping and then pay the $13 to ensure there’s no hidden Royal Mail fees.

I thought why not try a bit of everything? Especially their famous lipsticks, super shock shadows and new concealers/base products. Here’s what I picked up..! Plus some first impressions, course my opinion could change as i continue to try them and apply them differently.

I decided to pick up the ‘pro filter concealer’ in shade Fair 02, I was shocked how light it was! I definitely could have gone for a few shades darker, however this concealer is really gorgeous. It’s full coverage but leaves a nice dewy finish. I quite like using this to highlight my under eyes and nose & chin but I can’t use it to spot conceal as it’s too light! I’ve never had this problem with a concealer which kind of made me happy as I’ve never found a concealer that’s too light for me, usually they’re too dark. This cost around $6 which is about £4. I would definitely repurchase in the future, I have to say the packaging is really stunning yet simplistic too.

For foundation I tried the shade 05,($8, £6) and it was also part of the Pro Filter range. The packaging and glass bottle with added pump is again, so stunning! It feels like my Mac studio fix bottle.
However I didn’t like this foundation whatsoever which is a real shame, it was heavy and felt like I had a mask of makeup on. On top of this I wore it out to the cinema and the whole time I just wanted to wipe it off. After 2 hours it has separated weirdly and looked cakey. It had also slightly oxidised, and I’m sure it broke me out too. After one use it’s on Vinted already, i just don’t want to try it again and risk it looking bad and feeling cakey when I’m out and about again. I’d rather use something I know i can trust!
I would say if you have oily skin you might like this, what might not work for me may work you.

I have just found my new fave highlight that makes me look lit from within and dewy!!
This is my first time trying Colourpop’s super shock texture, it’s a cream to powder formula with just puuure pigment. It makes me curious to try other highlights and products with the same formula. The only thing I’m not keen on is that I have to use my finger to apply this, but that’s the only criticism! I think it’s worth it for the gorgeous formula, I’ve never tried anything like it.
Shade: Flexitarian, $8 – £6.

No Filter setting powder in Translucent ($7, about £5.90).

I found this powder to be okay, slightly drying, and gives me bad flashback. I wouldn’t recommend baking with it either. It’s got a lovely smooth formula but I’m not overly fond of the finish especially with how dry it looks.

The Ooh Lala palette cost me $12, which is around £9, however I realised I had very similar shades and this palette isn’t my favourite formula. Some of the shades are kinda patchy, I think this palette is best recommended to a beginner. The packaging is absolutely stunning and the layout is to die for, I just know I wouldn’t get much use. Every time i used this my eye look turned out… too pink.. and don’t get me wrong I love pink eyeshadow, it just didn’t look good on me so I’ve give it to my bestie.

I was also slightly disappointed with the Super Shock single shadow (in shade Roy G Biv) I tried out, i found that it wasn’t as pigmented as expected and it seemed to swatch more pink then rose gold, it was a bit lack lustre. I was expecting it to be more rose gold and metallic, rather than a glittery pink.

In the lips department i decided to try abit of everything as I’ve literally dreamt of trying colourpop lippies.. genuinely, I’ve had multiple dreams of buying and trying these out.

Ultra Glossy lip in Moon Child

OF COURSE I have to support my fave girl KathleenLights, plus i wanted a nude gloss! I picked up moon child which is a delicious peachy brown nude gloss. It’s a lot more pigmented than i expected, I really love how the applicator is like a brush too. The formula is fab and rather hydrating too. I like to wear this on its own on no makeup days.

Satin lip in Aquarius

I’m sooo picky when it comes to nude lipsticks, and this is a perfect tone and formula! It’s light and peachy enough and it’s such a comfortable formula. This lippie was also created by Kathleen which makes me really happy whenever I use it!

Lippie Stix in Lumiere

Again, created by Kathleen. This is the most creamy and pigmented lipstick I’ve ever used… however i just didn’t like the colour, it looked weird on my skin tone. I think it’s because it;s so cool toned and slightly plummy. I also gifted this to my bestie. I’d love to try this formula just in different shades, especially a red or burgundy.

Lippie pencil in Brink!

You guys.. I’ve found my favourite new pencil formula. It’s creamier and more pigmented than Mac, the shade is stunning and it’s honestly so satisfying to apply these, plus they’re 5 DOLLARS which is like £3.50. I need EVERY SHADE!!

Overall, the goods were very very good and the bads were very bad.
Some products blew me away and I’m in love with the high quality formula, some others just weren’t quite for me. I reckon other skin types would love, i guess it depends on what colours and preferences you like!
Would I recommend, yep, would I haul again? Yes, but I’d be more cautious about what I buy.

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