Makeup That Disappointed Me

I feel like makeup is the only thing I keep hold of ‘just incase’. Especially things like red lipstick and colourful eyeshadow, despite wearing the same 5 nude lipsticks everyday. I thought okay it’s January lets have a fresh start and declutter some makeup I haven’t used in a while.

Everything that I declutter on this post will be going up on Vinted and Depop so if you’re interested in any of it let me know and I’ll post it to you!

Mac Rose pigment

I’ve wanted this for years and decided to get the little Mac version with student discount. I was just really disappointed and only tried it once. I think it was just too powdery, if it was pressed it would be a lot easier to apply, it was just kinda messy to apply. Although it was extremely pigmented and a gorgeous shade it just doesn’t suit me at all and I can’t understand why, I’ve never thought an eyeshadow didn’t suit me before.. but this one just looks weird on my skin tone, almost like it’s too warm toned?

Fenty Lipstick in Griselda

I don’t know what possessed me to buy a dark lipstick, if I’m going to wear a dark lip it’s gotta be a liquid lipstick. For that reason alone I never use it because I know it’s going to transfer everywhere. It’s suuuch a gorgeous shade but I regret buying it.

ABH Liquid Lipstick

You may have seen this appear in my huge Beauty Bay haul, I had a phase of loving grey/lilac lipsticks.. I’ve just grown out of it I guess. I much prefer warm toned light nudes now – so much more flattering.
I tried this on the other day and was kinda shocked at how much I hated it. This is actually my all time favourite colour (hence my blog banner) but I think I’ll stick to wearing greys and lilacs on my eyes to incorporate that colour.

Kat Von Polio *cough* oh sorry I meant Kat Von D

I got rid of all of my Kat Von D. That is all.

Spectrum Fan Brush

I got Spectrum’s marble brush set special edition from Boots at Christmas as a treat to myself, but this brush was a huge dud. The metal bit that holds the bristles together is flimsy as heck and there isn’t enough bristles to pick up highlighter. Honestly I hate fan brushes in general.

ABH dainty gloss

Straight up pink, thought it’d be more peachy. Doesn’t suit me at all.

Mac young attitude liquid lipstick

Kinda streaky, transfers, gorgeous colour but it’s kind of a crappy formula for the £18 that I paid. Disappointed.

Certifye Affinity palette

This palette didn’t fail me, more like I failed this palette. I didn’t use it enough and I reached for other palettes over this. I think I’ve used it once. I just don’t like seeing things go to waste. The formula is gorgeous and the colours are amazing.

ABH foundation stick in Alabaster

My makeup revolution stick is 100X creamier and more flattering on my skin. The ABH one is dry, cakey and hard to blend. Which is a shame as I love Abh’s contour stick! I vowed to myself to try it one more time before getting rid but I just can’t bring myself to sabotage my makeup like that!

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