Makeup Resolutions for 2019

So you’ve heard of New Years resolutions, but what about beauty resolutions? Do you wanna wear a glossy lip more, or be more adventurous with eyeshadow? In todays post I’m gonna share my beauty goals for this year in hopes that me *putting it out into the universe* that I’ll actually do these resolutions this year.

First of all, actually make use of those 2 red lipsticks I have.

I pretty much only own nudes and glosses, with the touch of red *just in case*. Yep I hate that phrase to… but everyone needs a red lipstick in their life – makes you feel super fierce y’know. The only red shades I own are cool toned reds from Jeffree Star in ‘I’m Shook’ and ‘Wifey’. I want to make a point to use these more! Even if I’m just going into town.
If I don’t use them more I’ll get rid of one and just keep one.

Wear blush more! After experimenting at New Years and trying my sisters mac blush I kind of fell in love with blush. I’ve never been a fan of blush, especially with having texture and acne – it made me look awful. Recently I’ve been loving how healthy and glowy it makes me look. I currently only own one blush which is Papa Don’t Peach by Too Faced and I’ve been loving how good it is to build up.

STOP BUYING EYESHADOW PALETTES AND FOUNDATION!! I’m so addicted to trying out new foundations and different eyeshadows that it is becoming a problem. I own about 6 palettes that look the same, so I’m vowing to myself .. that after my Colourpop order comes… (shh, I know I’m bad) that I’m on a no buy for these items for the rest of the year. If I buy another I give you permission to slam dunk me.

Clear out brushes I don’t use

Does anyone else hoard brushes ‘ just in case’ or because you like to have a lot of variety, despite using the same 3 brushes everyday. Sigh. Me too. I think I’m going to have to implement a system and keep stickers on my brushes, every time I use one I’ll take the sticker off. In 1/2 months the ones I haven’t touched can go.

Post more eyeshadow looks on instagram

I recently made a new insta, @hannblog (if anyone’s interested!) and I am going to be posting more makeup looks and beauty related stuff over there. I really want to make a big effort with this instagram.

One response to “Makeup Resolutions for 2019

  1. This was such a fun read! I am currently purging my collection, especially in the palette area, since I feel so bad that I can’t show love to all of them! I’m having a hard time dealing with 20 palettes, imagine people who have 30 or dare I say, hundreds! I would love to do a similar post since I have my own makeup resolutions for the year, I will make sure to tag you in it, thank you!😊 🧡


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