January 2019 Birchbox First Impressions

So Birchbox’s premise for the January box was to cheer up January gloom, which I can totally get behind. The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous and bright the Birchbox was, which is fab because I’m going to repurpose it to store bits and bobs in. It’s safe to say this box added a little colour and cheer to the month.
Every time I get a Birchbox I get so excited to open and see what surprises are in there, and it’s safe to say I was extremely happy to wake up to a Becca primer that I’ve wanted for a long long time.

The bonus item I received for rejoining this box was ‘Estate’ liquid lipstick and gloss (worth $10 each and full size).

I have mixed feelings about this duo,
the gloss in shade ‘Extra’ is super thick, quite pigmented and feels lovely. However you don’t need to apply a lot and it becomes better as your body heat warms up the formula, it becomes less sticky and more comfortable. I have to say, the packaging is also extremely gorgeous and aesthetic.

I… kind of hate the liquid lipstick. It’s in the shade Treat, and it looks darker in the bottle than in the swatch. Which to me is a good thing as I wasn’t so excited about the shade in the tube. However the formula of this reminds me a lot of counterfeit liquid lipstick.. eek. I’m sorry but I have to be honest. I just hated it. It was very sticky and didn’t dry down. Would not recommend the lipsticks, however the glosses are fab.

Dr. Botanicals Cleansing Bar in Lemon Superfood cleansing bar (£5.90, full size), I haven’t tested this yet but I’m excited to give this ago after I use up my other face washes.

Birchbox included Afterspa Facial Scrubber (worth £7) which I was SO bloody excited for! I’m always on the look out for a good face exfoliator. I did try this a few hours ago, I noticed that it seems lil too rough for my face on first impression but I’m gonna keep trying and if I still feel the same I will use it as a body exfoliator.

Phillip Kingsley Shampoo (trial size, full size is £24).

This product has amazing reviews on the Birchbox website which is fab. To me this is just a meh item, it’s cool but i’m not too bothered about it. It’ll be good having a backup shampoo, or one to travel with. It’s kinda like trying dry shampoo or hairspray, doesn’t excite me.

Birchbox threw in some bobbles, you can never have too many bobbles n these are super cute. I wouldn’t have been upset if I didn’t receive them though.

Cle Cosmetics Essence Moonlight Cushion in Apricot Tinge, worth £22.
At first glance you will see it and be like oh that’s pretty dark, but then you swatch it and it’s the most gorgeous dewy highlight. I’m so excited to try this, it doesn”t look glittery either which is a plus.

Becca First Light Priming Filter, £15
This is the thing I was praying that I got in this Birchbox and eeee I’m so ecstatic to try it!! I currently have a few primers open that I’m using so after I’ve done with them ill be so excited to crack this one out. It’ll be perfect for my skin type because I prefer a glowy, hydrating primer.

How much I paid for the box: £12.95
How much it’s worth (including the free gift bonus): around £93.90.

Overall, I think the liquid lipstick was a bit of a dud and the bobbles were meh. However the rest of the box really surprised me and I’m most excited to try the cushion highlight and Becca primer.

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