How Relevant are Facebook ads?

I’ve always loved Safiya Nygaard videos on YouTube where she purchases the first 5 ads that she sees. I was curious about what ads were recommended to me, and I was shocked at how many ads actually show up when you realise they’re there. Around 3 minutes of scrolling down I had about 13 adverts shown to me. Usually I wouldn’t even notice.

To an advertisers point of view I’d be a teenage girl, from the UK and a student. The pages I like are very makeup based and food based and I think the ads I got recommended are extremely matching of that.

Now of course I could have done a better sample size but it would’ve took ages to analyse and I’m sure no one wants the full details of 100 ads recommended! I’m hoping in the future I can do this sort of post for Instagram and Twitter too, as I find it very interesting.

Of the 13 ads promoted to me,
there was

6 makeup related
– Dior never purchased from
– Feel Unique purchased an eyeshadow palette last month from
– Tatti Lashes never purchased from
– Morphe Brushes have purchased but not directly from them
– Tarte never purchased
– Beauty Bay purchase a lot from

1 fashion related
– SHEIN (cheap, great for a teenage student, I see you SHEIN!). Especially ‘spoil yourself’ , that’s something us students tell ourselves way too often..

3 food related
– 2 fast food, Just Eat and McDonalds.
– 1 diet ‘supplement’ drink. (Because targeting young impressionable girls to sell your crappy unsustainable drink is apparently cool).

3 other
– Popsocket
I recently did a Skinnydip phone case order so I’m wondering if the two are related. I have been wanting to buy a pop socket lately too however I haven’t took the dive yet as I just don’t think it’s a necessity.

– Always Sanitary Towels

They used a popular YouTube user, Lucy Fright to target their young adult audience, perhaps even teenage girls who will know this YouTuber and will fit into their target demographic.

– Wayfair (?) never heard of
home inspiration/home decor
unsure why this was promo’d to me. I never look at homeware stuff online however I do love looking at it in physical stores. Perhaps they were just targeting the general UK population.


I really wasn’t surprised by these stats because I have bought a lot of makeup from Facebook promos which is bad to see how influenced I actually am.

I think they’ve probably also picked up my history of food too. I’m surprised there wasn’t more clothing ads though especially as I’m a teenage girl!

I’d love to see what kind of ads are recommended to me by other apps, so keep an eye out for them future posts. Perhaps I could even order things that were promoted to me and give my thoughts on those items.

I’m disappointed that the Huel drink was recommended to me, when you choose a Facebook ad they choose a demographic and the fact they wanted to reach young females with this ad is troubling.

Overall I’d say the ads are pretty accurate, and you should keep an eye out for what they promote to you as it’s what the app picks up you’re most likely to be interested in. I know it’s not exactly a fascinating phenomenon as the app analyses what you click on and your geological info, but I just wanted to see what ads I get promoted plus I was interested to see what the algorithm would pick for me.

Have you ever been surprised by what your app has promo’d to you, almost like you feel like they’re listening to your conversations..? Just me?

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