Are GHD’s worth the price tag?

After wanting GHDs for years and trying other people’s I finally made the leap to getting my own with the thought of, if I don’t like them in the first month I’ll return.

So here’s a review coming from a broke student that really wants value for money. If I’m paying £150 for straighteners they have to be pretty amazing.

I decided to pick up the GHD platinum + professional styler. Here’s what features it includes

“- auto sleep mode after 30 mins

– 3 year warranty

– ultra zone technology which gives a frizz free shine (gloss coating)

– 70% less breakage and 2x colour protection

– Responds to your hair to control heat

– Sleek design and rounder barrel

I thought I’d opt for these over the ordinary generic GHD straighteners as they’re not only aesthetically pleasing but they also offer a range of intriguing features that I really wanted to try it out. I really like the fact that they automatically turn them self off after 30 minutes as I’m pretty clumsy!

Upon first use I picked up that when you turn them on it plays a sound to let you know when they’ve turned on and when they have heated up which I thought was really amazing especially for non-sighted people. Plus you can get on with other tasks whilst you wait for them to heat up. I noticed that it took around 10 seconds for them to fully heat up which is amazing and something that I’ve never witnessed before.

To get the best results I decided to section my hair like it says in the instructions. I found that this got every bit of my hair straight and sleek and ensured I didn’t miss any bits.

I’ve got coloured, very long and wavy hair that’s quite thick and these straighteners made my hair feel so silky, sleek and healthy. It genuinely makes my hair feel like I’ve come out of a salon and I’m in love. I also put loose curls in my hair with these straighteners at a 40 degree angle. The versatility is fab!!

Is it worth the investment? I’d say yes, 100%. I’ve had so many compliments and I get so excited to use them. Compared to my £20 Lee Stafford straighteners these GHD ones are on another level.

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