Huge Lush & Too Faced Haul


So Lush had a Christmas sale.. although most of it was sold out 😦 I still managed to get a hold of a gift set that was decent value. I also was in Manchester on Saturday and managed to pick up some Too Faced bits to try out, so without any further a do here’s what I picked up from Debenhams and Lush.


Too Faced Born this Way foundation in ‘Snow’, £29 (find here

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for years, and they had actually mostly sold out of the lightest shades in Debenhams so grabbing one that suited me perfectly was fate. I’ve actually not tried it yet, so if you’d like a whole post about first impressions and a more detailed review then please let me know!




Too Faced Sweet Peach gloss in ‘Pure Peach’ (find here) full size is £16.

I was suuuper pumped to get this as a freebie, it’s a great size and will take me a while to get through. It has a gorgeous pink sheen to it that’s surprisingly really flattering. I usually don’t like pink lip products but this is super gorgeous and will be great for springtime. The peach oil is nourishing and smells like sweets, it’s not too overpowering either.



Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush – £25 (find it here)

After trying blush for New Years Eve I’ve been going into my sisters room to use her Mac Blush and decided I wanted to pick up a peachy blush of my own. This one is a satin matte with a slight glow to it. I thought it’d be fab for my skintone & it’d look gorgeous for a glowy look (especially with the peach gloss, heart eyeeeees).


Lush Bath Oils in (left to right)
Melting Marshmellow Moment, Dreamtime, Flower’s Barrow.
Ranging from £2.75 – £3.75) 

I stock up on bath products, especially fun ones like bath bombs and oils for special occasions or when I’m in a bad mood to cheer myself up. There’s nothing more relaxing than trying a new bath product. It gets me super excited and although it’s pricey I like spending the money to use natural ingredients that make me feel amazing and plus the outcome is just gorgeous.
If I’m gonna be sad, at least I’m sad in a moisturising purple bath, right?


I got this 4 piece bath bomb set reduced from £24 to £12. It includes:

Shoot for the Stars
Golden Wonder
Lord of Misrule
Luxury Lush Pud

Again, saving these for a special occasion as they’re kinda pricey. I love having a spa day and using one of these, they just smell absolutely amazing. They even make my room smell like a lush store.




Lush Oval Tin (£2.95) 
I thought I can keep hold of this tin and re-use it over and over for massage bars and soaps! It’s fab because these bars and soaps can get messy if you don’t store them well.

To go along with this tin I thought I’d pick up ‘Therapy’ massage bar (£6.95) to go along with the whole ‘self care’ theme, plus I’ve always wanted to try one of these out. It smells floral but fresh and melts at the temperature of your body, it feels very luxurious.

Lush’s Tea Tree water spray (£5.95) has been my holy grail for 3 years. I would buy this over the Mario Badescu water if you’re on the lookout for a facial spray. This one has 100% better ingredients, it doesn’t make you feel oily and it’s soooo refreshing. It’s great for acne prone skin, and it isn’t drying at all. It’s just amazing.

Mask of Magnaminty (£7.95)
ANOTHER holy grail and it lasts me soooo long. It’s a great spot treatment, has a refreshing cooling feel and it isn’t drying. Plus it’s minty so if a bit goes in your mouth…. enjoy hahaha.

Last but not least, Prince of Darkness (£8.50),
this is a fresh face mask that has to be kept in the fridge (yes my family thinks I’m ridiculous). It has a fresh lemony scent and is a polish-textured face scrub. I need to use this more and report back..

Has anyone else splurged in an attempt to cure the ‘January blues’? I’ll have a GHD, Colourpop and Bodyshop haul soon…oops.






*this post contains affiliate links.

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