‘It’s going to be the year of like… realising things’ –
Kylie Jenner


THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SO ACCURATE. 2018 has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life & I’m definitely coming out a different person. I feel like my old self again.

From fallouts, to breakups and life changes. It has been so unexpected but I feel like it was all meant to happen and everything has just slot into place nicely.

So, what happened in my 2018? (this is the moment where I sit and think about whether I’m oversharing).


Ya girl dumped an abusive manipulative boyfriend of 2 years, can I get a hell yeah?! High five.
I just felt relief, and I feel back to my old happy self. I used to sit and endlessly cry and worry about a toxic relationship, like I was engulfed in every moment and wondered what was wrong with me.
However sometimes you just learn that some people are just toxic and can’t be changed no matter how hard you try – and you have to walk away from their abusive traits. I realised I deserved so much more. That’s all I have to say on that matter.


Fall outs & the lessons that come along with it.

I’ve learnt to keep myself much more private, not air my dirty laundry online, when to distance myself from people and keep away from toxic situations and people. I have to admit i’m not perfect & of course I’ve been a bit of a prick this year however admitting and seeing your errors is the first step to bettering yourself.
I’ve also learnt that some people just aren’t good for you, they gleam when you have failures and want to know every detail but when you’re in a good space they HATE it. Nope, cut ties.

Family & Friends are the most important people in my life.

Of course I’ve always known this – but particularly this year I’ve just become closer to family and friends, giving so much love and appreciating people more. I just want to spend time with people in my life and I just want everyone to be happy.

Took a hold of my mental health!

I started weekly counselling and got myself on Fluexotine to handle anxiety/depression, give me another high five! Here’s to looking after my mental health and looking after myself.


On another note, here’s my personal accomplishments of the year

– grew my hair super long

– got a borderline 2.1 in my first year of university

– got my first sponsored post and put on PR lists

– cut toxic people out

– bettered myself mentally, physically and became a better person

– learnt to keep myself more private and not let everyone know everything

– be more careful with what I share to which people (some people really love seeing you fail and don’t seem to like your happiness, gross).

On that note, What’s been your biggest realisation in 2018?

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