What I Bought from Lush

Here we go again… I swear this is the 3rd time I’ve spent £40 on lush this year.. However I did just use up their lip balm and I get my use of their products and make them last, plus they’re super good quality so i’m not that angry at myself… I even told the checkout woman it was a Christmas treat to myself so shh. Ok I’m done justifying my impulse buying now.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel & Bath Jelly Bomb

(£4.95 for 100ml & £5.25 jelly bomb)

I’ve ALWAYS heard people rave about this, it’s been a Lush holy grail for years. I gave it a sniff in Lush and fell in love. So I opted for a small shower gel and bath bomb to give myself the “ultimate snow fairy winter experience”.
Any who, I’ve used the shower gel a couple of times and you just can’t fault it, a little goes a long way and the fragrance lasts a long time on you when you get out of the shower. The scent is difficult to describe, it’s like some kinda sweet I’ve eaten before.. like palmaviolets. I promise I won’t try to eat it . . . 🙂

Shoot for the Stars bath bomb


I’m such a saddo, I really bought this for Christmas Eve, yup. I’ve had this in my drawer for weeks waiting for the big day. I know it’ll be worth it though because it’s gonna be like an explosion of glitter stars & galaxies AND i’m so pumped to use it.

Ocean Sea Salt Scrub

(£9.95 for 120g)

ATTENTION – do not use this on acne prone or sensitive skin because this stuff buuuuurns. I’m gonna have to wait for my acne to clear to use this up. However I could just use it as a body scrub.. In hindsight, kiiiiinda regret buying this. It burns. I’ve give it another go when I’m not acne ridden, K?

Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser

(£8.50 for 100g)

THIS STUFF is AMAZING. It takes all of your makeup and melts it off, yet has a grittiness to it that exfoliates. PLUS it smells of popcorn (I accidentally… get some in my mouth). Leaves me feeling super refreshed and this is the second time i’ve bought it! Again a little goes a long way and it’s a really unique product, seems perfect for all skin types.

Honey Trap Lipbalm

(£7.50 for 12g)

Lush do my favourite lip scrubs and I can’t go near anything else, I love that they use essential oils and vegan organic ingredients. A small pot lasts me about 6 months and I’ve found it’s the only lip balm that genuinely helps my chapped lips without leaving them feeling drier than they were before. It’s around £7 which I think is an amazing price considering the quality and how long it lasts.

I decided to try a new one and I went for the honey trap one which is a mixture of honey and mint but it is extremely delicious and full of essential oils.


In conclusion, what have we learnt? I want to try and the forbidden skincare.

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