Why Missguided have better perfumes than most luxury brands…


So recently SparklePR sent me some Missguided perfume to try out, including Babe Power and Babe Dream (£28 for 80ml of Eau De Parfum –  such an affordable price!)

Straight away the unique packaging caught my eye and definitely matched my aesthetic and I knew it was going to look gorgeous displayed in my room. The bottle mimics a drink can and presents itself in gorgeous rose gold packaging that feels like luxurious quality.

Definitely a great gift idea for a teen or young adult, especially as the scent is so sweet yet mature.
Babe Power holds a range of notes, from candy floss to vanilla and orange blossom. I actually prefer it over my luxury perfumes from Marc Jacobs and Giorgio Armani.
Whenever I go for scents I gravitate towards sweet, luxury smelling scents and these two pretty much ticked my boxes from the first try.


I also received a ‘Babe Dreams’ rollerball to try out and I’ve wanted to give this ago for AGES! Getting my hands on this was a dreaaaam. The notes behind this one is still sweet ranging from patchouli, vanilla and violet. Patchouli is my fave note in this and it has a Springtime freshness about it which I can’t get enough of, plus the small size allows me to chuck it in my bag for nights out. Love it.

Overall I would say this is a gorgeous perfume for young adults, it’s such a great price and Missguided have a huge range of affordable and good quality perfumes to try out. 28 pounds for 80ml of an eau de parfum is just such a great deal and makes it an ideal gift. I would definitely recommend.

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