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End of first year of university has finally arrived, tomorrow I’m packing up to move out of my prison room-esque flat. The first half of the year was top notch, I loved going out and hanging out with lots of new people – it was definitely an experience. It really has gone so quickly though.
Next year I’m going to be living at home which kinda makes my soul feel cleansed as I plan to re-decorate my room and create a nice little happy space for myself. Aside from this I’m going to have to make the dedication to travel from Tameside to Manchester City Centre for my lectures, which might not be so bad because I could always stay at my boyfriends the night before which means the journey is only 15 minutes away!

I have to admit, making friends, growing and learning who you get along with is a definite challenge… the whole friendship process at uni will definitely make or break you. That’s all I’m saying. Sometimes realising friends from home are the ride or die kinda people. Don’t be so quick to ditch them for uni pals because from my case home friends are the genuine ones. Reconnecting with old pals is the best.

Getting Creative Again & Staying off Social Media.

After multiple friendships issues and realisation of people and issues I was getting myself into I realised I had to step back. Cut toxic people out and focus on bettering myself. This involved deleting multiple twitter accounts, having a lot of offline time and getting back into my old hobbies.
I’ve started drawing and sketching again which is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world, swell as practising and playing with makeup. I realised staying on Twitter all day isn’t doing anything to better myself, and how I used to spend hours on hobbies and feel so much more fulfilled with how I spend my time. Getting creative, blogging, drawing etc has just brought a light back into my life.
I’ve also started going to meditation with my mum every week which is super relaxing and really helps, the app ‘Calm’ is a great “top up” for meditation too!

Mental Health

Have to admit, I’ve not been the best recently. I have to do my uni exams in August as I am in a room instead of a hall due to panic attacks. On top of this I’ve recently been put on Propanolol (80mg) which has improved me greatly, although one of the side affects is depression.. I will be sure to do a post on my experience with this drug if it’s wanted!

A HUGE checklist for my bucketlist is seeing Florence and the Machine in May, it was the best night of my life. Suffering with panic attacks makes it super hard for me to go to concerts, travel etc so it’s a massive achievement for me.

Honestly I could write a whole post dedicated to Florence Welch. I seriously might just do that.


What life updates have you had lately? Feel free to vent below!

6 responses to “Life Updates // Mental Health & General!

  1. Well done on getting through the university year – it sucks that you can’t get your exams out of the way till August. I was in a separate room for all mine too but at the same time as everyone else. And yay for creativity that’s a beautiful drawing!


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