Ways to Recover from Bad Mental Health

I know mental health is different for everyone, sometimes it lasts a week and it’s debilitating. Sometimes it’s constant, in the background – something you learn to live with.
I’m hoping this posts gives you inspiration or even motivation to get up and don’t let your mental health beat you.
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I suffer from anxiety and ‘low mood’ (my doctor used this term for me).
So some days I can be crippled with sadness and cry all day, and sometimes my anxiety takes over and I feel like i’m drowning.
I also suffer from panic attacks now and then, which I’ve learned to manage more (let me know if you want a post on that).


Firstly reach out to friends and family, perhaps you could tell them how you’re feeling. You could ever write it over a text message or a note if you feel awkward about it.If you don’t feel like that it’s fine.
Perhaps you could simply arrange to make plans, or invite them over to hang out and just chill and watch movies.
It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. When my friend is sad she’ll simply invite me over for a cup of tea and we’ll sit and watch messed up movies on Netflix.

You could even just call your mum for a chat. It’s the small communications you make that can start to make you feel a difference.
If you don’t have any friends or family maybe you could try making a Tumblr or Twitter, find a community that you love like a band or cosplay and find friends through that.

Tip* Contact and email your school or works email asking them for counselling or help you can receive and explain how you’ve been feeling. I swear you’ll feel better just asking for help.

The website 7Cups helped me alot when I just needed someone to vent or talk to. It’s free and you don’t even have to make an account to speak to someone. I seriously recommend this if you don’t really have anyone to talk to.


Wake up earlier, make yourself a nice breakfast or smoothie. Write a to-do list.
Feeling productive in the bouts of bad mental health days is what is going to pull you out of the water. Taking a walk to treat yourself to a coffee is going to boost your mood even by the littlest bit. Even just waking up, taking the time to chill out before work or school so you’re in a good frame of mind could make a difference.

Clean your room, do a food shop, clean out and organise.
All of these things genuinely make a difference, messy bedroom, messy mind. The saying is pretty true! So stick some songs on, open a window and clear out. Maybe make a ‘donate to charity’ pile, this will help you feel good about yourself.

Honestly another thing you could do is change up your look and try something new! Maybe you could change your hair or try a new makeup look. Or freshen up your wardrobe with new clothes (cheap sites like sawitfirst are great, or depop).

Hobbies & Music

When I’m sad I blog! Honestly, I’ve been blogging all day because I’ve felt down. I’ve also been doodling in my favourite journal. It’s been a great outlet. Perhaps you could go for a walk or play games – reconnect with a hobby you’ve neglected.
If you’re really, really bad and feel like you can’t do any of these things how about going on Netflix or Google, noting down new movies and series you want to watch and get cracking! Order food and have a movie night.

If you’re a book lover how about buying some e-Books (preferably easy read ones) and take your head away from your thoughts.
Music is also a great outlet, get on YouTube or spotify and make yourself a playlist. If you’re a strong lover of a band why not make a Twitter fan account and make friends with people who share the love of your band?

I asked my followers on Twitter what they do in these rough times and here are a few responses..

“I love on myself hard. I step away from social media platforms, eat my favourite foods and watch my favourite TV shows whilst being a couch potato. I pause and do nothing else but focus all of my energy on me.” 
– @Johannecadet

“Talk to someone, let someone know I’m struggling! Often just sharing my feelings makes me feel less alone”.
– @Laura_Trends

Lastly, make sure your coping methods are healthy and
If you feel like you’re in danger of hurting yourself or others please contact
Childline, a Suicide Hotline like the Samaritans or 999.

I hope this post helps you guys out, what’s your best way of getting yourself out of a rut?

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