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It’s my birthday on Friday the 30th! I’m 19 (I guess you can tell by the title…)
It’s crazy that the last time I did one of these posts I was turning 17 – Here’s a link to the last one of these I did, Things I learnt at 16.
I don’t really get excited for my birthday anymore, in fact I kinda don’t want a birthday because I don’t want expectations or to be let down. So instead… let’s talk about the achievements I’ve made over the past year!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Self Improvement

Not going to lie, I’m not perfect at all and I still need to improve and grow as a person. The past year I have found myself being extremely toxic and not a nice person, which I can confront myself with and try to move on from.
I think admitting to yourself that you’ve been a shitty person is the first step to improvement. My favourite thing to do is talk to people you’ve had a falling out with and apologise where you can, try to move on and learn to the situation plus just owning up to the badness you’ve put out there. No one is perfect at all and of course I’ll mess up in the future but at least I can apologise and learn from my actions.

Started University & Getting Good Grades!

After ummming and ahhhing at the thought of going, I finally decided to go. I think realising that I should go through the experience and it’d look pretty good on my CV is what drove me to it.
Honestly, I never expected to get such good grades recently,
In high school I was always the person that tried my absolute hardest and still came out with a C, even in my favourite subject Art.
At University I have achieved two 2.1s already in my first year which I’m super proud of and never thought I could have achieved.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Getting my First Paid Post!

Blogging for 4 years has been great fun, it’s my hobby and what I do in my free time! I absolutely love getting creative, thinking of posts and taking photos.
So when I woke up to an email a few weeks ago with the pitch of a sponsored post I felt like my hard work had paid off. (Plus being at uni, money really helps! Psst buy me a coffee button up there).
Here’s the link to it, I was super proud of the photos I took for it so go and show it some love!
It was a real delight making that post, thinking that I was being rewarded for it. A real insight into something I’d love to do long term.. ahh the dream.

Mental Health

Oh boy, have I spiralled the past year. (I probably need to go back to the doctor).
My anxiety has been really bad, to the point where it’s pulled in weird different symptoms of paranoia and low mood.
I won’t get into it, but let’s just say I’m trying my absolute best to stay productive, busy and I’m not going to let it beat me. By the time this post is up I’m hoping to have my best tips for getting myself out of a rut up.
Of course I’m improving and growing everyday and I’m proud of myself for pulling myself out of the water.
Leading on from this I’ve realised you kinda only have yourself to rely on. I don’t have the best support system in fact it’s pretty shitty and I don’t feel like I can properly talk to anyone, which is something I really want to fix in the next year.

Let’s end on a positive note.. I’m proud of myself on lots of aspects but hate myself for others, which I can only take and improve on. I’m hoping 20 will be a huge improvement. Will report back next year!


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