Lush Products I’m Currently Using



I have a few holy grails from Lush (which you’ll soon learn about!). But seeing recent raves about the Sleepy lotion led from one thing to another and left me spending quite a lot in Lush.
I’ve had the Honey lipscrub and Silky Underwear powder for a year and I’m still using them up.


Lush’s sleepy lotion. The most talked about thing recently! So of course I wanted to try it.
Recently I’ve had trouble getting to sleep, and I really wanted to try it because I had high expectations from other bloggers.
My first impression of this lotion is that it has the classic Lush scent – if you’ve ever been to Lush you’ll know exactly what I mean. I normally hate lavender but in this lotion it’s done in a sweet and fresh way that isn’t overpowering.
Now onto my experience, did it really make me sleepy? Maybe it was a placebo but it genuinely worked.
I had a pamper evening – exfoliated, shaved – you know the drill. Then I got out of the shower and put this across my shoulders, arms and neck. I genuinely drifted off at 9.30pm.
Lastly this lotion makes you super smooth and soaks in nicely, I use it so sparingly because I don’t want to run out of it!



I received this Silky Underwear dusting powder – essentially baby powder – in a gift box last year. I’m not entirely sure how to get the most out of using it at the moment! I read online that people love using it for chaffing.
The texture of the powder is slightly gritty in some places but it smells A M A Z I N G and I really want to start using this more.


Oh boy do I love the Mask Of Magnaminty mask. It has peppermint oil, honey and other lovely ingredients in it. I do love this mask, it’s my holy grail and every time I use it I want to eat some of it. Genuinely.
I love applying this in circular motions, keeping it on for 10 minutes then exfoliating it off by rinsing off with warm water and exfoliating at the same time.


Lush’s Lip Scrub in Honey & Bubblegum are delicious, fun to use and pretty effective. Plus lovely to eat after applying…

The price point of £5 is really good in my opinion, the lip scrub normally lasts me around between a year Bubblegum is the cult classic that tastes of yummy sweets, it’s more of a fun scent.
Honey is a more grown up lipscrub, the flavours of mint overpower the honey flavour – just a warning if you don’t like mint. I love this one because it’s fresh and the packaging is really sleek and ‘grown up’.

29243310_599019383771620_1749050076_oLush’s Tea Tree water is something I’ve been buying for years. It’s the most refreshing facial spray, a great skincare item for those of you with acne. Honestly this is so much better than the Mario Badescu facial spray, I will stand by that statement 100%.
I love spraying this randomly, or applying it to a cotton pad to cleanse or applying it directly to a troublesome spot.

Future Lush products I’d love to try in the future are
– Toothy tabs
– Perfume
– Hair Mask
– Face Moisturiser.

What do you recommend?

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