Spring Beauty Essentials! AD

Springtime is the best, especially for beauty. It’s the right temperature to enhance your fragrances under the warm sun but not too hot that your makeup melts off.
Here are a few of my Springtime essentials that I recommend to you guys to try this Summer, there’s an array of skincare, beauty and fragrance that you could go out and try.

Firstly fragrance wise, Clive Christian has luxury perfumes for him & her  to choose from this Spring, the heat in the air will seriously make those gorgeous notes stand out even more. Clive Christian sent me a batch of different scents to try out including their new range of floral, woody and oriental perfumes and they’re a delight – they stay on for hours and have out of this world notes.

Onto a fragrance for your room! Yankee Candle’s ‘Wedding Day’ candle is fresh, floral and such a great scent to fill your room with. I personally prefer fresh and sweet scents and this one hits the spot, plus the packaging is gorgeous.

Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer Miracle foundation is my go-to in the summer, I’ve nearly used it up! It’s a gorgeous dewy foundation with medium coverage, best applied with a sponge to get the best result. At a drugstore price of £10 it’s worth trying, especially if you want something lighter this Spring.

Body Shop’s Vineyard Peach body gel lotion is a DREAM come true, I love the dispenser, the scent, the formula, it’s just a dream to use.
The light peachy scent is gorgeous for Spring plus it absorbs really nicely, I really rate Body Shop’s body lotions.


I’ve recently had a huge love for Lush recently, I will do another post about that soon..
Their Bubblegum lip scrub is a cult classic and it’s so yummy and fun to use. It’s a great prep before putting on a liquid lipstick plus it’s amazing to use when you have a pamper night, I feel like the experience in using a Lush lip scrub is just delightful in general.

Lush Tea Tree water has SAVED MY LIFE. I have used this for 2 years in a row, it’s the best refreshing tea tree spray that will change your life – especially if you have spots. The little bottle of it is around £6-7 which will be great if you’re wanting to try it out.


Lastly Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in Lovecraft is the kinda pink (and only pink) lipstick I own. It’s a gorgeous mauvey pink that’s quite dusty and dull but in the most gorgeous way. It’s a great way to introduce pink into your makeup in a modern way. I usually go for cool toned light nudes or weird shades like lilac and grey – yet pink is daring for me.
Sometimes I will mix it with a nude if I don’t feel like a 100% pink on the day.

*Thankyou to Clive Christian for sponsoring this post!

*Post may contain affiliate links

3 responses to “Spring Beauty Essentials! AD

  1. MMM, I’ve heard so much good stuff about LUSH but was never able to afford it (its 4x the price in my country), I’m gonna go to the UK soon do you have any to recommend me? (:


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