Birchbox: Honest review from a Uni Student!

Being a poor, uni student with a love for makeup is very testing. I can’t go and buy whatever I want because that money could be used for food or laundry…
So when I saw this Birchbox being advertised for £7 for students with an included a travel size Benefit mascara (the one everyone’s talking about) I thought HELL yeah, because honestly I would pay £7 for JUST the mascara on it’s own.
I also read on the Facebook comments that people re-use the box for storing things which prompted my decision even further.

In my box I received

– Bad Gal Bang Benefit Mascara
– Blaq Mask (We could choose between this and eye patches)
– Oribe Beach Hair Spray
– BalanceMe Face Wash (99% Natural).
– Spectrum C06.

Totally worth my £7.

I was most excited by the mascara, brush and mask.

Now I have tried and tested all of these products over the past few days, so I can give you my honest thoughts now.
The bad gal bang mascara is amazing, I love this so much. It makes my lashes supeeeer long and separated. If you build it up too much it’ll get real clumpy. I usually have the problem of mascara smudging all over my under eye but this didn’t do that!



Spectrum’s C06 brush, I screamed when I saw this!
I already actually own this brush just in a different style. I use this brush for concealer, blending out my entire eye and powdering my under eye. It’s a nicely made brush that looks and feels luxurious, and I’m super happy it was in the box.


The Balance Me face wash is great for stripping off makeup but because it lathers up it’s rather drying, I wouldn’t buy the full size of this for that reason. It’s a pretty standard face wash but does a great job of removing face makeup (don’t get it in your eye, it hurts lol).

Lastly the Oribe hair spray made my hair super dry but after you brush it out a bit it does leave your hair looking beachy and it did make my curls look pretty nice so I will use it as a hairspray to make use of it.

The retail price of the box is usually £12.99 and honestly if I get the money I would buy it monthly because it was a nice experience to receive, open and try out 5 new products.

*This post contains affiliate links!

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