How to make use of Online Marketing

make use

I see a lot of online businesses not make full use of the internet for advertising, when there’s so many things you could be doing to catch potential-customers eyes!
Making use of online marketing is a necessity because it is efficient in reaching your target market and getting people to check out more details on your website.


1. Facebook & Twitter advertising

When you advertise on social media platforms you can really tailor to your target market and pay for only their eyes to see, (for example you could choose people across the UK, that are women over 20). It is really user friendly but cuts out the people you know won’t be interested in your product/service.

TIP: When using social media make your all of your usernames, logos and banners are the same across every platform. This makes it easier for people to find you online.

You could also promote your site across Google. (Link here)
So for example if you search ‘makeup brushes’ you could pay to be on the top of the homepage and be the first click people make.
When people are searching for a specific product or service, they have come to the decision that they will research and/or buy the product, so if you’re the first search result they see they’re probably more likely to click on it!


2. Make use of online bloggers and influencers

When I see businesses engage and offer PR to bloggers online it really makes me warm to the brand. There is a brand called ‘Moonlight Melts’ on Twitter for example that really sticks out to me, they reply to bloggers personal tweets, cheer people up and really build relationships with these people.
This is why you should look into following many bloggers and even pay them to promote your service or send a product for them to test out. It will get the community of bloggers talking about you if you really value them and build relationships.
Depending on your advertisement budget this is a really good route to go down, as you’re directly building relationships with bloggers and spreading word of mouth about your brand.

3. Groupon

Groupon is great for both services and products, as you can offer a special discount on there and give information about your brand.
If you have a eyebrow and lash service you can also offer ‘days out’ and ‘special discounts’ for customers which could have enough treatments for 2 people along with ‘a glass of champagne’. Stuff like this will create new customers discovering your business and could keep them returning in the long run.

4. Don’t invest your advertisement money into ‘spam looking’ advertisements!

These type of adverts will do the opposite of attracting customers. They may even leave your brand with a untrustworthy and unreliable reputation. Avoid these adverts at all cost and invest in other platforms.


Example of a dodgy advert.

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