Products I’m Using Up!

Products I'm Trying to
Whether there’s an expiration date or you’re sick of the sight of a moisturiser then just remember you aren’t alone… here are some products I’m trying to use up!

1. Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream (w SPF15).
This cream is great, soaks in quick and is cheap but the packaging gets so nasty and messy it makes me feel unhygienic using it, that’s why I can’t wait to use this up!
I wish they made it in a different format.

2. NYX Dewy Finish
I use this like .. every day, and I can feel there’s only a bit left, but it doesn’t seem to end!!!
I love this to bits & I’m definitely gonna repurchase it, but it appears to be never ending, I have lots of face mists to try out which is why I’m itching to use this up, but I do recommend it nonetheless.

3. Stay Time Foundation by Seventeen.
This foundation is the perfect shade, excellent coverage and looks amazing but as it is so full coverage you only need to use a bit at a time, why is why I’m trying to use it up before it expires!

I have so many mini Mac, Chanel, Dior samples and as great as they are I’m sick of seeing them! I use at least one sample a day as I love the formulas, but they are a pain as you’re not using your full-size primers ETC.

5. Smashbox Strobe Stick
Even though this is a travel-size it still seems to never end, but no complaints here because this is the most natural-looking highlight I’ve ever used & I’m so in love with it!

6. Pangea Cosmetics natural lip balm
First of all, the science nerd in me loves the name of the brand, The whole concept of this lip balm is fantastic as it is full of natural oils and moisturising factors but they give you SO much product that it’s stressing me out to use up before it expires!! It is the only lip balm I own now because it genuinely does an excellent job in giving my lips natural oil that doesn’t strip them.


7.Nip & Fab Glycolic face wash
As much as I love glycolic acid, this face wash is a foaming one which makes your face feel so dry & tight. So I’ve resorted to using it to clean my makeup brushes with (does an excellent job, to be honest!).

8. Last but not least Aussie Leave-In Conditioner spray
I’ve been using this since I was in primary school, It’s just great to detangle, make your hair softer and smell lovely.
Same with the NYX spray, I love it, but it just doesn’t seem to end!

What’s been bugging you to use up?!

5 responses to “Products I’m Using Up!

  1. Love the NYX setting sprays – I use the dewy and matte depending on how my skin is! I bought replacements for my Benefit Brow pencil and my Muji cleansing oil about 4 months ago thinking both were just days away from running out…needless to say they’re still going strong! How does that even happen!!!! x

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  2. I use the NYX spray to lightly apply on my eyeshadow brushes when I want the product to be deeper on the eyelid or a little more dewy! Just a tip if you want to try and use more of it 😁. This post was fab!


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