Pamper Night Routine!

This Summer I’ve found myself having quick showers, being in and out without taking the extra time to do the little things that make a difference.
SOO I thought I’d do a full post, all about the things I do to have a self-care pamper night with the products I use to make me feel great afterwards.

Before I turn on the bath I ALWAYS change my bedding (once a week) so it’s lovely and fresh to come out of the shower too.

Then I run a bubble bath, my pick for the evening was Imperial Leather’s ‘Muscle Soak’. A little goes a long way and I love the fresh ‘seaside’ scent these bubbles have.



Imperial Leather’s ‘Muscle Soak’


Whilst it’s running I gather up my top products to use to exfoliate, moisturise and condition myself! Along with tools such as exfoliating gloves and razors.
I tried out a few new things this time which I will report on!


I often wait until my hair needs to be washed then I’ll have a pamper night!

Exfoliating gloves – These do a great job on arms, they are a little too rough but they do the job nicely. If you’re wanting something reusable that you won’t need to replace in a while definitely get some of these instead of a body scrub. I usually put body lotion on them then scrub, it’s like a 2 in 1 job of exfoliation and moisturising.

Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner – I just love these because they’re so hydrating, smell amazing and the price is great. They ran out just after I took this picture :(.

L’Oreal Elvive colour hair mask – It was my first time using this and…  I do not recommend whatsoever. It made my back so itchy, and I had to rinse my hair twice because it wouldn’t rinse out!! So I ended up having to just re-wash my hair. Utter nightmare.

Any lotion, to use in the shower or out of. I am on a goal to use up as many of those body lotions you get at Christmas so this was my pick. I use a Baylis & Harding one which was limited edition, It did a great job of moisturising and it smelled pretty nice also.


Face masks!! Even if they don’t make an effective difference they’re fun to use and you always feel refreshed after one. I used the Primark Love to Glow mask which I believe is around £3/5 pounds. It has gritty bits in that exfoliate as you apply which is a nice added touch.

pamper 4

I ALWAYS have some sort of music playing to sing along or chill out to, here’s a playlist I made that you can listen too when you next have a pamper night:
Spotify Playlist.

After my pamper sesh I go back into my room & put on fresh PJs, moisturise and put on Netflix or write some blog ideas & read others blogs.
My top picks for Netflix definitely have to be firstly
Shooter’, this is one of the best series I have found on Netflix. It’s about a man who used to work in the Navy & his old friend frames him for an assassination of the Russian president. It’s super action packed and has an amazing storyline, it keeps you on edge and it’s one of those programmes you binge watch because it’s so amazing.

My second pick would be ‘F is for Family’ it’s a funny, lighthearted comedy cartoon about a dysfunctional family which is for adults/teens. It’s a good programme to have in the background whilst you relax plus it’s pretty hilarious!


What do you do to help rewind & relax?



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15 responses to “Pamper Night Routine!

  1. Ooo that sounds like such a good pamper session! I think I will have to start doing this once I’ve moved out of my mum’s house. A good weekly pamper session sounds like heaven!

    Lauren 🙂 x

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  2. I didn’t know exfoliating gloves existed!!! Omg I need to try them!y favorite form of self care is a super intensive skincare routine!

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  3. I really loved this post! It’s always interesting to see how people relax and self-care! I love to paint my nails and wash my hair. Binging on Kardashian episodes is the perfect pamper night routine! Thank you for sharing!


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