Summer Favourites

This Summer has been great finding new bits and bobs that work for me, and so I’m here to tell you what I’ve fallen in love with this Summer!
Firstly my Journal from Urban Outfitters has helped me so much to organise my days and figure out what to-do lists to put together.
Recently applying to university has been a non-stop to do list, from setting up banks to uploading an ID & checking out accommodation, so this journal has been a godsend.
I feel 100% more productive and less stressed.P9890329P9890328I’ve also been loving my Glow-Kit in sweets which I’ve done a full review about here, so if you’re interested in the ins & outs of this palette including the cons go and check it out.

I’ve also done a full post on Fem Rosa Colourpop palette and all about ordering from Colourpop which will be up soon!
I’m obsessed with rosy, pink shades from the Naked 3, Moden Renaissance and this palette.
$16 for this palette is just amazingly shocking because the mattes are incredibly smooth and you can create so many looks, I’m just so in love with this palette.



Mac’s Strobe cream as a primer has changed my foundation game, it stops any cakiness and leaves with a gorgeous natural glow, plus I love how funny I look with a tin man face before I put on foundation. Definitely, need to pick up the full size of this guy.

Lush’s Tea Tree Water is the facial mist I always go back to. It’s refreshing, clears my spots and can be used to take some of your makeup off also. A definite go-to when you wake up feeling grotty from a hangover.

Dove Advanced conditioner for curly hair has been surprisingly fantastic for my frizzy, coloured hair. It tames my hair & makes it feel so smooth and easy to style. Even if you leave it on for 20 seconds then wash it off your hair soaks it up like a drink.

What’s changed your summer game?!

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