Products I’ve Used Up

& would I repurchase?

I’ve had these empties sat in a box piling up for 2 months, so this is gonna be a juicy one!

1. Mario Badescu 
Facial Spray w Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

I think this is the 3rd bottle of this I’ve used up, but I’ve come to realise that I don’t actually even like this anymore.
It leaves a weird greasy-like residue on my face and makes me feel icky (and I have combo normal/dry skin!)
, I think it makes my hair greasy quickly too (as some of it gets into your hair when you spray it on your face)
So, therefore, I will not be repurchasing.

2. Urban Decay
De-Slick Setting Spray

I picked up this guy because the all-nighter had sold out, this is the only Urban Decay setting spray I’ve ever used, and I wouldn’t repurchase because I honestly don’t think it did anything to my face to keep my makeup on longer and plus I’m not really oily either.
On a positive note, I think it helped to melt my powders down and look more natural on my face.
If you had oily skin maybe give this guy a go and see what you think.
I will repurchase and test all nighter, but I won’t repurchase the de-slick spray again.
Therefore I don’t think this is worth the money and I won’t be repurchasing.

3. Makeup Revolution
Oil Control Fixing Spray

Honestly, this review is just going to be exactly the same as the above (Urban Decay)
But this was 50% cheaper at £5. So I think I would recommend this one more for the price, plus you get 100ml instead of 30ml.


4.  Lush 
Pink Custard Shower Jelly
( sold out, I think it’s being discontinued 😦 )

I absolutely LOVED this one, smelt absolutely gorgeous, was fun to use and didn’t dry me out.
I also doubled up & used it in the bath to create a lovely smelling bubble bath and to be honest it made shower time more fun.
This shower jelly had an interesting durable-like jelly feeling and seemed to last forever, although I felt quite unhygienic using it at times so I would recommend some kind of in-shower tool like a mini towel to rub this on & then use it.
Kind of like putting concealer on the back of your hand than straight on your face.
These are currently in the process of ‘leaving soon’ so get your hands on one whilst you can.

5. Lush’s 
Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

At first. typical me… I didn’t read how to use this guy, so I put it on before bedtime (at like..2 am) and felt disgusting and gross because it wasn’t soaking in.
Turns out you have to use this whilst in the shower! Typical of me.
So I tried it out the next day in the shower after exfoliating & shaving and I loved it. Smelt quite comforting and left me feeling super soft. I love products like these because you can leave them on whilst you scrub your face or wash your hair & it’s super easy to just rinse off rather than waiting for it to dry out of the shower.
Definitely, would recommend. But it’s a bit too pricey for me so I would like to find an alternative.


6. MUA
Pro-Base Eye Primer

I’m pretty sure this is the first eye primer I ever bought?
I have to say, it served me well, and at a total of £2.50, you can’t go wrong.
I’m unsure how this would work on darker skin tone as it is just like a light concealer with a thick consistency(which worked well at covering my eye veins and evening out colour).
I would seriously recommend this concealer, I have hooded eyes that eyeshadow creases on like mad and this primer really helped me out & hydrated my eyes also.
I’m always trying out new things so therefore I don’t think I’d repurchase, but if I had a budget, I would defo repurchase this.

7. MUA 
Hydro Skin Base Primer (sold out, discontinued maybe?)

This is the coolest primer I’ve ever used, it has a memory-gel base and goes back to a flat shape after being left alone, so it doesn’t look messy. It reminds of memory jelly or something. It’s so hard to describe.
Despite it being super cool and only £5 this primer’s hard to apply and ends up applying uneven. It gives a dewy quality and makes your base look flawless, but if you’re a quick makeup & go person, or a beginner I wouldn’t recommend because the application is just difficult to blend out.
I have overall mixed feelings on this, but based on the end result of my makeup when using this, I would recommend this because I got compliments on my base when I used this.


8. Lily Lolo 
Loose Powder Foundation sample (click on full size & change it to sample size)

This foundation sample just wasn’t right for my skin type, I’m pretty much dry/normal, and this didn’t look good on me, and it just dried me out. I tried to use it to bake under my eye, and it felt so dry and tight I hated it!
It would be ideal for oily skin & they have amazing shades for really pale people.

Overall, would recommend for someone else with oily skin that’s also pale.

9. Seventeen
Stay Time 
Concealer in Extra Light

This is my holy grail concealer, my baby, my one true love.
I absolutely adore this concealer, I honestly think it is the most underrated concealer in the beauty world right now. Pretty sure this is the 15th one I’ve used up…
The coverage is fantastic, it’s around £5, it is perfect for pale people & it’s the best concealer I have ever used.

Will forever and always recommend it.

10. Zoeva
Graphic Brow in Arsenic

Same concept as the classic Anastasia Brow Pencil double sided with a spool.
This pencil was £7.50 but feels like it was made for about 20p. It is really light and kinda bad quality. The pencil itself is a great shade, but it is just too hard and makes doing your brows difficult.
Happy that I used it up and got my money’s worth, but I will never rebuy this.
Wouldn’t recommend, I love Zoeva, but I think this is a rip-off.


Josh Wood
Radiant Shine Treatment Oil

This oil is super nice to apply to dry hair while in the bath & doing other things like a face mask.
I used it as like a treatment hair mask, my hair soaked it right up and gained hydration.
I got this from an M&S beauty calendar at Christmas, so I overall would not purchase myself because it is pricey & it didn’t do much to my hair to wow me.


12. Nip & Fab
Hydrate Hyaluronic Shot

This concentrated shot can be added to moisturiser/serum & you only need a little bit. I used it a couple of times a week, and it helped my acne scarring and added moisture.
The problem is that it has an expiration date of 6 months from purchase. I’m very good about using up and clearing out products that are about to go out of date, but I think unless you used this every day it’s impossible to use this up in 6 months.
I think they should keep the formula but do half the size of the bottles (half price too!)
and it would be more environmentally & financially better.
Would recommend if you’re prepared to spend on skincare & use it up in time.

13. Alpha-H 
Liquid Gold

Love this stuff, absolutely great at clearing my acne and getting rid of scars, and I felt like it actually made a difference to my skin.
I would repurchase this again & I think it is worth every penny.


14.  Nip + Fab 
Exfoliate Glycolic Scrub

OH my god, this is the best face scrub I have EVER used. It is gritty, but not too harsh, it leaves you feeling so refreshed and cleansed. It has a lovely citrus scent and helps to get rid of acne scarring and dead skin.
Overall, definitely, will buy again soon and is worth the money (plus it’s always on offer).

15. Beauty Formulas
Charcoal Face Scrub

This was £1 from Body Care, I used this as a gentle face scrub/body scrub, and it was okay. I didn’t find good enough to ‘write home about’, but for £1 it was nice and quite hydrating.
I wouldn’t repurchase this.

What have you used up recently that broke your heart?!

18 responses to “Products I’ve Used Up

  1. need to try that body conditioner from lush! just made a post about their products! hope u can check it out! i love the products i picked up so far, wish i was able to get the shower jelly one before they discontinued it! 😦 barely finding reviews about great lush products now


  2. The pink custard was a Spring seasonal product only, so yeah, it’s not available now. Once they sell out after Easter and mother’s day, that’s it. As for the body conditioner, you can use it out of the shower but in such a teeny tiny amount. I have a 500g lord of misrule and it’s lasting centuries. They really seem to linger on the skin.
    I’d considered the UD oil slick but I think I’ll be sticking to the all nighter. It’s hard to budge even with my remover. Great for the day, not so much when you’re exhausted and just want to go to bed with a fresh face!


  3. I’ve been meaning to try the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I’m obsessed with the Rose Jam scent from LUSH but like you said, it’s quite pricey. And I have the Charcoal Face Mask from Beauty Formulas and I really like that, it was only £1 too. It’s not a favorite but it’s pretty good x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have the MUA hydro primer, and agree with everything you said. Its great for my dry skin, but it does go on unven and its a pain to apply! The Alpha-H acid, what is its purpose? I have been gifted it, but i dont know what to do with it!xo


  5. There are some products on this list that I definitely want to try! Thanks for sharing your opinions and telling us all about these products!


  6. It’s a shame you didn’t like the de slick, I have it even though I don’t use oily skin and I absolutely loved it. The pink custard lush jelly was a Easter exclusive which is why you cant get it except if it’s on the lush kitchen x

    Liked by 1 person

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