Brutally Honest Glow Kit Thoughts

Ever since finally picking up a Glow Kit I’ve not been able to put it down. Every time I do my makeup I use my favourite shade Marshmellow, or I mix it with other shades in the palette.

The first thing you notice when you open up the sleeve is that the packaging has little specks of glitter when you turn it around in the light.
It feels heavy, luxurious and the packaging is just…to die for.. and just admiring this palette makes me excited (just because I love makeup so much).

But ever since I’ve been trying it out day by day I’ve recognised its faults and realised I hated one of the shades so much to get rid of it (I sold it).
I will speak on this more after.



Glow Kit Sweets Swatches

So first of all Marshmellow is a very light golden shade that is incredibly smooth and has pure pigment, it swatches insane and looks stunning applied.
Sassy grape looks great on me too and isn’t too dark, but most of the time I mix it with Marshmellow to lighten it a bit, and it creates the on-trend ‘mermaid’ glow.
Lastly, Taffy is too dark for me, but it is the most gorgeous rose gold (I had to repress mine)
but like Sassy Grape I mix it with Marshmellow, and it is light enough to use.
I find this kit to be ideal for fair skin (I am porcelain/NC10), and the variety of colours is great plus it’s fun to mix and match the highlighters.
The formula of these highlighters is unreal, they just melt into your skin and look natural. There are no chunky glitters, it isn’t chalky whatsoever, just a bright glow.



The above picture is one touch swatch, blended out by my other hand.

Plus the magnetic pans are great for popping out and putting into a Z-Palette for travelling.

Here’s why I got rid of Butterscotch. The formula on this one was pretty weird.
It was gritty, full of chunky glitter. Whenever I put this highlighter on my brush, it only picked up glitter particles (I tried 3 different highlighter brushes)!
I just didn’t like this particular shade, and I passed it onto someone who hopefully would like this formula and enjoy the glittery aspect more.
The rest of the highlighters I kept were 10/10 and worth getting the palette for.

I hope this helps you out and makes you decide whether to finally a glow kit like I did, let me know your thoughts!
Check it out online here




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