Cargo California Throwback (review & swatches)!

I’ve never come across Cargo apart from online (I’d love to try their Vintage Escapes palette!). So when I saw this little gem in TK Maxx I jumped at the chance to try out their eyeshadow, cheek and lip products in this little kit.
This palette is a magnetised, polaroid-style palette that’s quite unique and something I’ve never seen before!
The pieces pull apart from eachother and they’re connected by magnets.



When I was testing/swatching this palette I was SO grossed out by the lip products because I thought they were going to be solid but they were a melted texture that got extremely messy. This part of the palette went straight in the bin so that’s a huge bonus for having the palette is that if you don’t like one section of it you can get rid of it.

I was quite impressed with the eye shadows, they’re smooth and pretty pigmented plus they don’t kick up powder and fall out. I can imagine these being extremely pigmented with a primer and the dark shade was surprisingly great and can be built up how you like.

These eye shadows are a great selection for a holiday because you could use the white on the lid and a little black for a smoky eye,
you could use gold on the lid then use the black through the crease or you could do a wash of turquoise.


Lastly there’s a blush & bronzer included which are both wonderfully smooth and pigmented.
The blush is a coral toned pink with shimmer and the bronzer has a golden tinge to it that would look gorgeous on and could also act as a highlight.

Do you think you’ll invest in any travel palettes this summer?

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