The Balm Voyage Travel Palette!


The Balm’s Voyage Holiday Palette includes eyeshadows, bronzer, blush, highlight and lip/cheek creams. This palette makes for the perfect holiday/travel kit because it closes up to be quite a compact and portable palette plus the colours are for everybody and there’s something to suit all skin tones.


Welcome – Plain, powdery disappointing white.

Bienvenue – Pretty iridescent muted coral pink.

Bienvenido – Olive gold colour.

Benvenuto – Beautiful cool toned pink.

Tervetuloa – Rosy muted coral pink.

Welkom – Stunning, bright pigmented teal blue.

Willkommen – Warm toned, mid brown

Valkommen – Purple, red wine coloured with silver glitter.

Failte – Pigmented black with slightly chunky gold glitter.

All of these eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented and wear beautifully, you can use them wet for more intensity or eye primer can make them stand out even more.
I only had an issue with the shade ‘Welcome’ it wasn’t pigmented, it was more of a powdery mess.
I swatched the eyeshadows on a damp arm to show you the best outcome!


I love the highlighter, I don’t wear blush so sadly they don’t come in use. I’m thinking of depotting this palette and taking the colours I actually use out!

The highlight is SUPER pigmented but I can imagine it looking ashy on dark skin, the bronzer is pigmented and isn’t too warm toned either.

The blushes are extremely pigmented so you should use a light hand, I love how they gave 2 different blushes because it gives you the option to choose the one that fits your skin tone best.

Kuwakaribisha – Beautiful white highlight that’s slightly warm toned.

Croeso – Slightly warm toned, pigmented bronzer.

Huan Ying – A cute coral pink blush.

Dobrodosli – Fuchsia pink blush.


These little circular pans are filled of a lipstick/cheek stain, they’re so unbelieveably pigmented and creamy! I’m not sure if I’d use these as I hate pink makeup but if you do then you’d love these.
These are basically cream versions of the powdered blushes apart from you can use them on your lips!

Bem-vindo – Fuchsia barbie pink.

Vitajte – Bright warm coral pink.




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