March Empties!

I love finishing up products, it’s weirdly satisfying! I’ve mostly used up hair & skincare stuff this March but I already have backups, keep reading to find out what you should go and try.


Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser was such a disappointing flop. Now, I have spots and I break out easily. At first I thought that it was making me all smooth and hydrated but then my face started to break out really badly and I looked red! I would recommend this to people that never break out and don’t have any skin issues because Liz Earle products are amazing and super moisturising (plus they’re full of natural ingredients).


Lee Stafford’s Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner
Shock! I actually finished these two at the same time (that’s an accomplishment)! I have to say, they both smell of lush bath bombs. It smells divine, and it contains ingredients that kind of cleanse and put your scalp into the condition so your hair can grow! It has made my hair grow much quickly than normal (about 1-2 inches), it does a great job of hydrating and making your hair feel lovely too.
Would I buy this again?
Well, I already have new bottles open in my bathroom.


SHE Argan Oil Cleansing Oil is a lovely milky cleanser that leaves your face feeling soft and clean, I liked to use this then use a warm wash cloth to wipe off any make up.
I would definitely recommend this and I might buy this again in the future!

Rimmel Brow this Way eyebrow gel is basically tinted eyebrow mascara that adds colour but sets your eyebrows into place! I liked this, it was a great bargain at £3.99 but the brush was just abit too big for me and it got messy because there wasn’t much control.
I’d recommend L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper instead!


COLAB dry shampoo is my all time favourite hair product, there’s so many varieties and it’s simply amazing. I prefer this over Batiste anyday to be honest. I’m super glad I started using this and I’m definitely going to buy another.

3 responses to “March Empties!

  1. Oooh I just bought a mini version of that dry shampoo to try it. Never tried dry shampoo before. I was swithering between this one and batiste. Glad I went for this one now 🙂 x


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