February Empties!

Were these empties good enough to recommend? Or were they a complete flop?!
February was an extremely cold and bitter month. But some of these empties helped me through the wintry days!



1. Primark’s Sea Salt Breeze Candle

I hauled this a little bit over a week ago, and I’ve already used it up!

I absolutely loved this scent, it reminded me of fresh clothes.. the beach.. summer.. ahh.
Totally worth the 3 pounds and I’ll be recycling this into a makeup brush holder!

2. Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

Did I enjoy this? Well, I already have another one open and being used in the bathroom so I think I did!
It smells so lovely and fresh, and the scrub is gentle but effective. I use this once every two days then moisturize and it leaves me feeling super soft and smellin’ great!

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish

This fruity fresh scrub smelt delicious whilst cleaning and lightly exfoliating (can you tell I’ve been loving scrubs?). I got this in a Strawberry gift set at Christmas!
I loved to use  this before shaving because it smells amazing and isn’t harsh either. I don’t think I’d repurchase this though because I prefer a more abrasive scrub.

4. Mitchum Deodorant

I’ve started to use this deodorant religiously! I’ve tried Sure, Nivea, Soft & Gentle and this one beats them all.
I love their fresh scents and it is AMAZING. The best deodorant I’ve ever used, i’ll definitely be buying more. (I already have 2 new cans haha).

5. Rimmel Scandal Eyes

I have naturally long lashes so all mascaras do the same thing for me, this one in particular made them look extra long and thick!
I will probably buy this again It was only 5 pounds at the time of purchase & I was sad when it dried up so I’ll have to get another soon.

6. MUA Matte Black Liquid Liner

I love MUA but this liner was such a fail! I felt so sad, they usually have amazing makeup bits for EXTREMELY cheap.
This eyeliner dried too quick, the applicator was crap and it was so hard to apply without it drying on the wand. Definitely won’t be picking this up again, but it was only 2 or 3 pounds so it was worth trying it out.

7. T-Zone Blackhead Scrub

I used this maybe once or twice on my face but when I ran out of my trusty face scrub I gave this a shot because it was in the back of my bathroom side.
I liked it, it has some ingredients to help spots which I liked. It wasn’t too soft or too rough, and it was about a pound!
I’ll probably buy this again in the future, I loved the minty, tea tree, fresh scent as well!

8.  CYCLAX Apricot Scrub

This is my holy grail scrub! You get a huge amount for just £1. It’s moisturizing but abrasive and you can use it on your body or your  face. I’ve been buying this for years and I never regret it. Totally gonna get another.

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