Zoeva’s Rose Golden Face Palette?!

So my Zoeva order came on Saturday, I ordered their new Rose Golden Blush palette (it contains a blush, highlight & bronzer) and I also ordered an eyeshadow brush which I haven’t yet tried out!
I received this at 11am which was great because I was getting ready to go out when the delivery came, so I could wear this right away and try it out.

This palette is sooo stunning and beautifully packaged, I must say I was so excited to open the package.

Off the bat, when I swatched them I was super impressed about the highlight and the blush. They’re both super pretty, pigmented shades (i’ll get onto them later).

The contour shade is a light, pretty matte brown that’s a neutral shade and can be built up to be a slight natural contour or a bold dramatic contour!

One, light swatch of the palette.

This palette was certainly worth the £13.

Heavy Crown- Pretty, neutral toned contour shade.

Glowing Still – A super pigmented, glowy highlight that looks STUNNING. Although this wouldn’t fit all skin tones, it’s best for light skin tones. (Which is a bloody shame).

Palace Door – A gorgeous rose gold blusher that’s super creamy and easy to apply and blend.


I also got this 221 Luxe Crease Brush which came in a cute zipped pouch, it feels super soft and not scratchy and I just know it’s going to be a dream to blend eye-shadow with.


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