Budget & Spot-Friendly Skin Routine!


Being a spotty teenager is rather frustrating. After years of changing and trying new things to help my skin I think I’ve finally found a routine that helps! Trust me when I say I’ve tried everything.. Clean N Clear, Freederm, Tea Tree & more!

I try to use as little products as I can because overloading your face with different skincare treatments is going to do the opposite that you want.

Firstly, cleansers! I like to use this Soap & Glory Peaches and Cream Cleanser to remove all of my makeup. It contains Oxyginsend which means it detoxes your face everytime you remove your makeup, and if that wasn’t enough it also contains Peach & Gojuice which is amazing for clogged pores. (Which lead to spots & blackheads).
I love to put warm water on my face and then use two pumps and work it into my face, then I leave it on for about two minutes to let it do it’s work next I take a clean face cloth with some luke-warm water on and gently wipe it away.
You could also wipe it off with circular motions to slightly exfoliate!
After I use this I always notice my face is noticeably smoother.

For the days I don’t wear foundation or concealer I like to use Biore Charcoal Cleanser, I typically use this once every few days because it is rather strong on the skin and drying. It’s a foaming cleanser that kind-of acts like a face wash, it also has a fresh scent and a cooling effect.
Biore claims that it is a deep pore cleanser that cleans two times better than a basic cleaner.3
It also contains natural charcoal powder, which is basically a famous ingredient that’s known to draw out impurities.

After I use any of these cleansers I use Jojoba Oil. Now, if you haven’t heard about this natural oil you’re living under a rock!
I’ve seen tons of sites & reviews that say it helped their acne.
I’ve been using it for a few months and it moisturizes and heals my acne, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s cured it at all but it’s helped a little.
Personally I have combination of dry/oily skin, so I like to keep it hydrated to help the dryness and stop the over-production of oil. Most people would think for oily skin you shouldn’t moisturize but that’s exactly what you need to be doing!

The last thing I use is this acne cream prescribed by a doctor, now I’ve been using this for a week so I can’t say whether it’s helped or not BUT I must say that it contains benzoyl peroxide which I’ve heard good things about, and it’s helped to heal a little bit of my acne so far.
I have to use this once a day at nighttime and when I wash it off in the morning  I notice that it slightly moisturizes my face aswell!
Is anyone else on this cream by any chance?

What have you used that’s cleared your acne? Or do you think you’ll try anything I mentioned? Let me know!

7 responses to “Budget & Spot-Friendly Skin Routine!

  1. I’ve been using the duac cream for over 2 years but the last few months i stopped using it to see how my skin could do without it. And now my skin is so much better than it was before I used this cream and touch wood it is has certainly not been as bad as it has in previous years. I will most likely continue to use this cream now though as I am having a lot more frequent breakouts. Just wondering, when you moisturise to you find that this brings out loads of your spots?


  2. I use the duac cream but I find that it dries the area I use it on sooooo much so I now have to use a scrub every morning to get all the dry skin away haha X


  3. My brother uses the Duac cream and I have to say that I LOVE it!! I steal it from him whenever I’m at home and it’s honestly the best spot treatment I’ve tried. Hope you get on well with it 🙂

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