Birthday Wishlist!


I’m turning 17 this month! But honestly, I feel like I’m in my twenties in my head.
I feel like I’ve been a teenager for too long now, I can’t wait to be 18 to be quite honest.
But as they say ‘don’t wish your life away‘… I should probably embrace my years!

Anyways! this is the stuff that’s on my list. I’m not expecting to get any of it to be quite honest, I doubt any of my family will see this list. If I don’t I’ll probably just get it myself hopefully in the next few months out of my own money.

Oh, just to clarify, I’m not being payed nor sponsored to ‘promote’ any of these products! I’m also not using any affiliate links.
On with the post…

Firstly, I have no cool big makeup bags! I think this one is so chic and pretty with enough storage for all of my makeup.
Zoeva Large Brush Clutch Bag. it can be used for brushes, makeup or to take on a night out!
Little bit plain, but black is my favourite colour!
Find it here (£12.95).

I’m in real need of good quality eye brushes, I am stocked up with face brushes and I have a quite good range. But I’m seriously lacking in the eye department! Seeing as I have/am getting great quality palettes I think I need the right tools to be able to apply them.

I really want to get these Zoeva eye-shadow brushes, I was looking at the sets and I came across the complete eye brush set for £52.50 which is an amazing deal, considering if you bought all of this individually I worked it that it would cost about over £100, Plus you get a cute make-up bag!


These are just a few of the blending brushes that are included.. they also get some great reviews.

Zoeva 227 Vegan brush; find it here.  (£6.95)

This looks like an all round great brush, you could pack on the colour and do a little bit of blending. Great for the make-up bag when you’re out and about.

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush; find this here (£6.95)
How good does this crease brush look?! The reviews were even saying it was better than MAC brushes.. and it’s like 1/3 of the price.

Zoeva 224 Luxe  Defined Crease Brush (£6.95)
Surprise surprise, another crease brush! This one looks like it would be great to get right in the crease for extra intensity and more refinement.

Those are just a few of the brushes that are included in the set.

Next up is the Prada Candy Perfume..
I smelt this in Boots and fell in love, It smells so sweet and gorgeous – which is right up my street.


Find it here!

Next up, three MAC lipsticks.. They are truly to die for.. ahh

Brave is a really pretty pinky nude that’s so lovely for everyday wear.

velvet teddy
Velvet teddy! Everyone seems to have this, and it looks gorgeous on everyone. I seriously would love to own this.


And last but certainly not least Spice! (I also want Whirl hahaha)
A perfect muave dirty rose, this would look so pretty with a bold but neutral eye-look.

Honestly on the top of my wish list this year is a new laptop, preferably a MacBook. Mine is absolutely terrible and loves to shutdown after it burns my leg because the fan is just so amazing!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.
Do you think any of these aren’t worth it? Comment below!

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