Walking around the shops is something you either love or hate, personally I’m a huge lover of shopping. Whether it’s for food, clothes or anything else! I love seeing all of the new things that are in trend and what bargains you can find.

I went to Stockport today and found some nice bits and bobs, so I’m here to share with you guys!


£1.29 – Bowl, 59p Bathbombs. Home Bargains.

First up! Home Bargains (gotta love a bargain).
I found this heart bowl which is probably meant for food, but naturally I saw it and thought “this would be great for my blog pictures!”.
Secondly I picked up these bath bombs in Mango and Strawberry, I’ve had one of these before and they’re really lovely and fruity! It’s rare for me to have a bath-bomb because it’s not that great for your PH levels and all that scientific malarkey.


Totally didn’t buy this top because it looks like the top Zoella wore on her latest video *cough*

This kinda cropped top is really simple but pretty, it was 10 pounds from H&M. It also comes in mustard!


‘Mum what do you want for Mother’s Day?’ ‘A mug’…
Is anyone else’s mum’s like this? All they seem to want is some socks, a card or mug? I don’t understand, we don’t even have enough room for more mugs!
Anyways, I got her a this (one present so far!) Primark mug for £2. The design is right up her street.


Okay, these haven’t been raved about enough. They’re sold in so many shops, like body care. Every single face/eye wipe I have used have not lived up to these at all.
These are about 2 for a pound and they’re large, soft and have the right amount of liquid in.
They are perfect for sensitive eyes/skin and they simply aren’t talked about enough!

Primark are on fleek with their candles, their range and packaging is beautiful. I love all of their candles, they actually are pretty strong and make your room smell amazing.
When I saw they did tealights for £1.30 I picked these two up without hesitation.
I also got these bigger candles, which smell divine.


Along with the lines of ‘wow this would be great for blog pictures’
I picked up these battery operated fairy lights from Primark for 4 pounds!! I absolutely love Primark’s variety of fairy lights, they’re cheap and definitely worth picking up.


Lastly, from New Look in the teenagers range (i’m like 5’2) I got these cute shorts in the sale for 4 pounds!!!


How cute are they? (that’s the sides of them by the way)

What’s a bargain you recently got from the highstreet?

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