What’s In My Handbag?



I know people will be asking where I got this gorgeous, tan suede satchel bag from! You’re in luck. This beauty was £30 pounds from River Island, I got it back in Summer & I’m unsure whether they will still sell it. Either way I’m so in love with it.

The price was brilliant for the quality, it’s so well made. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, or wear it as a BACKPACK, yep! It took me a while to configure it into a backpack but it looked so chic in the end result.

Onto the post!


Sunglasses – Even in the depths of cold, the sun still shines rather blindingly in the sky. These are an essential. I got these from Primark in the ‘Men’s’ Section for £2. They do the job.

Lip-balm – Obviously.
Nivea do my favourite lip balms and I love the unique taste, for 79p a go you can have one in every bag you own.

Extra Bubble-mint chewing gum is TO die for, it honestly has a lovely sweet minty taste and I am obsessed.

Hand Cream – I have this Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle cream by Heathcote & Ivory. I don’t even know where this hand cream is from, I’ve never heard of the brand either. Nevertheless this cream is thick and really moisturizing.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy spray goes with me (the joys of having anxiety/panic attacks), this weird spray has natural ingredients that keep you calm and give you relief.


If you’ve never tried Rimmel’s powders, you’re living under a rock. They’re so cheap and perfect! Carry this around with a small compact brush/sponge and you’re all set for touch ups.

The Body Shop’s Vanilla body mist is one of my staple smells. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
It smells like no other vanilla spray I’ve ever smelt before – It’s totally wearable.

Of course you’re gonna need bobbles, I prefer the thin £1 multi-pack ones from Primark as they do lots of colours and they don’t damage your hair!


You’re gonna need earphones to drown the noise of people talking on their phone on public transport, along with your phone for emergencies & general use!

Lastly, This beautiful baby blue purse from River Island is my absolute favourite purse that was hella cheap and well made. River Island’s accessories are just brill in general.

What’s one thing you can’t leave at home?

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