Natural Looking Hair Extensions?!

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For the past 6 months, I’ve been looking for some great hair extensions as my hair isn’t that great, so I wanted to try out and see how I looked with longer, thicker hair. I was browsing the #bloggerswanted tag on Twitter and stumbled upon “Sleek”.

They asked for bloggers to try out their extensions, so I decided to get in touch! Sleek’s customer service were amazing and helpful. I spoke to Abbie and she helped to match my hair colour to a set of their extensions for the perfect match.
I received the extensions just a day after getting in touch! I was honestly so impressed with Sleek’s delivery time and service.


hair 5.jpg

Firstly, I noticed how lovely they packaged them, the box looked seriously luxury and exciting to receive! The extensions themselves were securely attached and had a net around them for protection, which was superb.

I received the 20 inch extensions in the colour P16/16/613 which is a mixture of warm blondes and icy blonde shades; this was the perfect match for my hair. I love to style them by curling them into my natural hair so they blend in, natural waves work well too – I have yet to try straight!


You can style these how you like, though you can’t blow-dry them. Sleek provide thorough instructions on how to wash and look after them – which you can keep on hand! As soon as I got them, I tried them out. I put the top quarter of my hair up in a bun then back combed a small section of my hair and clipped them in. Next, I let the top part of my hair down and styled my hair, right away I was SO impressed and excited.

My family and friends didn’t even notice at first because they looked so natural, after I told them they was shocked and payed me lots of compliments (which was much appreciated).

Let me know what you think below, do you wear extensions? Or have I convinced you to give them a go?!

Sleek’s social media:
Instagram : @hairbysleek
Twitter: @hairbysleek



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