Amazing £3 Liquid Lipstick?!

I have always been totally in love with MUA makeup, every product I’ve used from that brand I’ve loved. Not only is it cheap and cheerful but it has stunning packaging and fantastic formulas.

So when I found out they re-formulated their liquid lipsticks and changed the packaging I was over the moon! The finish is a comfortable true matte that stays on all day.
For 3 pounds, you get a brilliant, beautiful formula with amazing pigment and stunning packaging.


So I decided to buy Tranquility (left) and Symphonic (right).
Tranquility is a warm, muted pink with hints of coral whereas Symphonic is a lilac purple with grey undertones.
There’s plenty of other shades available from reds to corals, so there’s sure to find the perfect shade for you!
I believe this is one of the best cheap drugstore liquid lipsticks available.


The product when it hasn’t dried.


Find them here!

5 responses to “Amazing £3 Liquid Lipstick?!

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    • Yes!! it depends on what store, but i noticed they don’t sell the full range of shades in store, you could always order the shade you want off the superdrug website and get free delievery with your health and beauty card (if you have one) x

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  2. Omg! I found another who loves these things?! 😩💕. I live for these! So well priced and amazing quality!!! U tell em girl! X


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