Stunning £6 Blush Palette


My image from Instagram (hannorourke)
I picked up this Makeup Revolution palette around a week ago after wanting it for so long. I finally decided to pick it up on impulse, and for 6 pounds I didn’t go wrong AT ALL.

If you’ve ever picked up a ‘Makeup Revolution’ palette then you know the packaging is lovely and light but you can see your finger prints which is a let down. I love how there’s a HUGE mirror in it for on the go, it adds a nice touch.

The mixture of matte and shimmer shades is what truly sold the palette to me, plus how gorgeous the colours are.
The shades are very pigmented and have a lovely texture, I found them to not be powdery what-soever. 
I believe this palette would be great for all skin tones as there is a darker highlighter (which could be used as a shimmery bronze on light skin!)
I found it to be a versatile, pretty palette for a great price and I think you for sure get your moneys-worth. I just wish they named the shades.

This palette is called a ‘Blush Palette’ which is true, but there are some matte blushes, a shimmery blush, two bronzer shades, two baked highlights and a baked bronzer.




Find it here

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