BarryM Nail Polish

Aquatic Collection in Arabian


Special Effects in 319 Silver


BarryM is well known for it’s vibrant colours and wide variety of amazing beauty products that certainly don’t disappoint. 

319 Silver is a striking metallic colour.

Arabian is a holographic mixture of turquoise blues and greens.
It’s a beautiful combination of colours with a touch of glitter and looks just like a mermaids tail (I promise!)

I picked up these nail varnishes on 2 different occasions and I am impressed.
The brushes are standard but the product within is really fantastic. It glides on with one stroke and leaves behind a heavenly holographic colour that shines in the light. The pigmentation is brilliant and you only need one coat.

The price for this nail polish is unbelievable also, the quality is as good as high end.
I’ve got plenty of compliments on how cool my nails look due to this polish.

My nails wearing the Aquatic colour.

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