Neutrogena Grapefruit Moisturiser


This is the moisturiser I use every day and night!

I have a weird combination skin
It’s dry, but sometimes oily and I get spots quite often.
This moisturiser doesn’t give me spots and helps to keep my face looking soft and feeling great.
The thing that got me to buy this is the fact that it doesn’t have oil it and dermatologists helped to create it!
I would recommend using just abit of this before applying makeup if you get spots, it acts as a great primer.
I’m probably on my 5th bottle of this! It’s around 5 pounds but it can be cheaper if it’s in a deal/ special offer.
I’d recommend this to teenagers/young adults that have complicated skin!
Overall I love this moisturiser, it has a cooling feeling 20 minutes after you apply it and it has a minty grapefruit smell, which is quite strong.
Moisturisation: 8/10
Scent: 6/10

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